The Block on top as Nine wins Sunday

The Block scored its best figures so far this season -equalled by Seven News on Sunday.

The Block‘s room reveal episode was a winner for Nine hitting #1 on Sunday with 816,000 metro viewers -its best figure so far this season.

That was comfotrably ahead of The Voice on 694,000 then, from 7:30pm, a repeat of Death in Paradise (332,000) and The Traitors on just 211,000.

Later 7News Spotlight (465,000) edged ahead of 60 Minutes (449,000) and the finale of Bay of Fires (303,000).

Nine network won Sunday with 32.8% then Seven 31.9%, ABC 14.3%, 10 12.9% and SBS 8.1%.

Nine News pulled 808,000 with a late edition at 263,000.

Seven News was also at 816,000 for Seven. The Latest was 308,000.

ABC News drew 518,000. Compass (170,000) and a Mother & Son replay (76,000) followed.

The Sunday Project pulled 239,000 / 176,000 for 10. 10 News First managed 200,000 / 152,000. FBI was 135,000.

On SBS it was SBS World News (157,000 / 105,000), Building The Vatican (129,000), Rise And Fall: The World Trade Center (124,000).

Bluey topped multichannels at 103,000.

In Total TV numbers last Sunday were:

Mother & Son: 402,000
Bay of Fires: 835,000
The Traitors: 420,000
The Block: 1.46m
FBI: 237,000
Insiders: 476,000
The Voice: 1.27m

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 3 September 2023.

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  1. I am not holding my breath for MKR as it appears last year’s ‘kindness’ reboot is a sham with promos for a very nasty female couple turning their noses up at everything.
    They obviously want drama

  2. So seriously TEN – did you really expect a different result from one of your stable of duds in 2022?
    The Traitors must be tracking pretty much the same as it did in its first ( and should have been final ) season.
    Just keep on bashing your heads against that brick wall you smart TEN programmers , I’m sure the result will be different next time – so go on – why not commission The Traitors for 2024 !
    The fact that your American overlords continue to let you waste money like this is simple amazing and frankly just sad.

  3. I’m not sure if it went to air but spotlight on 7 were promoting a story that looked rather transphobic and nasty.

    If it did indeed go to air, I’m kinda disappointed that nearly half a million people watched.

      1. Yikes. It looked like a bad and offensive story but to use someone whose experiences is directly counter to the story being told is outright unethical reporting.

  4. Even in catch up figures, the Traitors is about a million behind The Block. I wonder if these figures (211k on a Sunday. Ouch!) are scaring networks as a few more expensive series that no one watched or wanted are set to return next year, like The Summit, Aus Idol and Million Dollar Island? How can the networks cry so poor, yet still commission expensive flop after expensive flop? They need to take a chance on something different, made by different companies at a different price point. I haven’t watched TV really since the Woman’s World Cup because there’s just nothing really there for me and I’m getting pretty tired of channel flipping until I start streaming.

    1. I think what is benefiting renewal prospects, at least for Summit and Traitors is how, by design it is cheeper than other shows in genre – Short filming periods (2-3 weeks), with minimal sets (it’s just the mountain for Summit, and Traitors is just a hotel and some local landmarks for challenges), for a binge friendly episode run (8-12 eps).

      I also think that there is some global appeal in these formats. Traitors Aus airs in the US, UK and Canada to compliment their successful local versions of the show, and with a successful NZ version now airing, they will likely take Traitors Au too.

      The Summit looks like it created by 9 and Endermol as an original format to be sold globally. I believe the Survivor US casting director (Jesse Tannenbaum) is advertising applicants for a show called “Treasure Trail” with Endermol US as the production house, and a similar synopsis to Summit.

      Not an expert, just a fan of competition shows who is hypothesing based on what I see.

    2. The Traitors will likely be renewed because it is cheaper than the other shows you mentioned. Ten needs to find the right time for the show, such as not scheduling it against The Block.

  5. Until now, the block and the voice have been usually close both in the high 600k in overnights. In seven day catchup, both are around 1.2-1.4m with usually the block slightly ahead. This week (as I guess the block gets more exciting – I don’t watch), the block has increased but seemingly not at the expense of the voice. Will be interesting to see the seven day catch up and whether the block has increased viewership or simply moved some of the seven day to overnight numbers.

  6. Still too early to call it a trend, but what was consistently a 200k gap between nine and seven news (in sevens favour) seems to be closing. By my count, the weekly wins are even (based on overnights) with seven likely to win the next 4 weeks (AFL) and then nine with big block numbers and the cricket…..close year.

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