Move over Heroes. Monster Warriors are coming!

How much fun does this look? Superheroes, weapons made from household appliances, B Grade movie monsters!

Monster Warriors are coming to the ABC! This is probably aimed at teenagers / kids, as it is scheduled for 5.25pm, but take a quick read of the synopsis and I am sure you will be as curious to me to sample this!

And check out those sexy suits.

All is not well in the metropolis of Capital City 1950s sci-fi movie monsters are on the march, and only four people can stop them. Equipped with very cool weapons made from household appliances, our heroes are two teenage girls and two teenage boys who call themselves the Monster Warriors. Monster Warriors is a comic book come to life. This is a world where four teenagers can be superheroes and with weapons made from household appliances defeat 60-foot monsters intent on eating the city. This live-action/CGI adventure series is set in the fictitious metropolis of Capital City, run by some of the most inept adults imaginable. It’s funny, and in the spirit of all B movies – it’s totally over the top.In episode one, four unsuspecting classmates team up to study arachnids for a school project, but when the metropolis of Capital City is threatened by a giant spider, Luke, Tabby, Vanka and Antonio decide to take matters into their own hands – forming the Monster Warriors. The team suffer a few close calls and run-ins with the mysterious creature, but when they spot an old monster movie poster in a video store window, they believe they’ve found their first solid lead. According to store owner Kreeger, the film – ‘Earth vs. the Giant Spider Invasion’ – was one of many produced by Klaus Von Steinhauer who was, in his heyday, the definitive producer of monster movies. Now this deranged B-movie maker has escaped the Shady Past Rest Home and set up shop at his old stomping grounds, the abandoned movie studios. Equipped with a virtual monster maker, and an array of other gizmos, he plans to terrorise the city with a rash of cheesy movie monsters as revenge on a public that long ago rejected him and his movies…

Starts Wednesday March 7 5:25pm ABC.

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