TV Guides back to the future

For a minute there it looked like Big Brother was back.

On Saturday The Daily Telegraph accidentally listed the wrong television shows in its print guide. With all the changes and late starting times, it’s the last thing Sydney viewers need.

According to the edition, Saturday night was set to feature Big Brother at 7pm and 10pm, along with the premiere of How To Look Good Naked.

The ABC was supposedly set to screen Media Watch and More Than Enough Rope.

Seven apparently was planning Desperate Housewives followed by Boston Legal while Nine had Sea Patrol and CSI.

Even the Pay TV and the Sunday schedule were out.

Given How to Look Good Naked premiered on Monday May 5th 2008, it was probably a flashback in theĀ  Telegraph’s computer system.

Source: Mumbrella


  1. Lol… How tragic. I wish they could do like midnight reruns of Season 4 of BB. Lol.. Even as much as I hate the show, Season 4 was the best :).

  2. I wish big brother was back oh well i guess I will have to watch the UK version on you tube which is actually pretty good it is the only way I can get my BB fix god how tragic am I

  3. Ohhhh Wow!! Big Brother is back!!! – lol i wish! If i read that tv guide i would have started screaming from excitement. So it’s better that i didn’t see that mistake cuz i would have been really really disappointed.

  4. Seems to me like they just threw their hands in the air and said, “We have no idea what the hell they are showing, and at the rate they are churning shows, this may even be right.”

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