Seven deals the week

It was a close one, but in the first week of ratings after the Easter break, Seven shuts the case on Nine and deals another win.

deal7One week back from the Easter break and Seven takes first place again.

Seven won with a 28.0% share ahead of Nine’s 26.1% and TEN’s 22.8%. ABC had 17.4% and SBS 5.7%.

Seven won  key demos 18-49 and 25-54 plus all cities for the week except Brisbane, which fell to Nine by 0.1%. TEN won the 16-39 demo.

In the two non rating weeks of Easter Nine and Seven tied the first week, while Seven took the second. This week when it mattered was a close race with just 1% splitting Seven and Nine as they headed into Saturday night. Seven took a clear lead on Saturday with Seven News and Billy Connolly’s Journey to the Edge of the World performing well.

Underbelly returned as the #1 show of the week with 1.82m, but after the two week Easter break saw its lowest figures so far this year. Nine’s gangster drama has its last episode next week. The debut of Missing Pieces (1.27m) was stronger than You Saved My Life (1.08m). The first week of Hot Seat helped lift Nine’s 5:30 share from its usual position, but lost to both TEN News and Deal or No Deal.

Seven saw Australia’s Got Talent award a 15yo opera singer the prize and with it 1.61m. Sonia Kruger’s 10 Years Younger in 10 Days was particularly strong on 1.34m in a 9:30pm slot, better than the new and returning comedies 24 hours later. Seven has also chosen to drop Beyond the Darklands from Sundays.

For TEN the top show of the week was a repeat of NCIS on 1.38m, which is very cost effective, but no so great when its two more expensive reality series are ramping up to finales tonight and tomorrow. Still, The Biggest Loser put in good weeknight performances. Bondi Rescue was strong on 1.31m.

On the ABC The Gruen Transfer (1.244m) again pipped Spicks and Specks (1.240m) which is something of a running gag between Wil Anderson and Adam Hills. Dirt Game‘s debut at 769,000 was not too bad, although well below what some British mysteries get in the same slot.

Top Gear’s 991,000 beat Scrubs and delivered a good Monday for SBS.

Week 17

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  1. The big unknown for the week is Masterchef … it will pull good numbers tomorrow night between the two eps of Loser but will viewers come back? Didn’t expect the promos to tempt me as much as they have

  2. Suprised Seven won the demos; they normally win the week off the back of the 50+ demos. I’m guessing with Monday being a demo friendly lineup, Thursdays being very demo friendly and now their new thursday lineup with TGYH, Criminal Minds, Earl and Family Guy being very demo friendly, prehaps Seven can afford to leave Earl and Family guy on and hopefully build an audience more than 700k.

  3. bloody hell. this time last week i was saying that this was 9’s big last chance to get a weekly win and it would be a very close result.

    but this had been one of 7’s best results all year. very surprising.

  4. this was 9’s biggest chance to win a week in ages and probably the last for the year (7 was weak without rafters or TGYH and had a vulnerable sunday, not to mention the double underbelly) and they lose the demos to 7 and lost tp’s by a big 2%

    [email protected]

  5. As predicted.

    Think this week will see 7 win by more over 9, and 10 taking a larger share then usual but still coming 3rd.

    Its hard to call who will win tonight (maybe another almost 3 way tie), 9 will get Mon, 7 wins Tue (with 10 2nd) and 7 Wed, 9 gets Thurs, 7 again Fri and Sat. The week goes to 7.

  6. this is hilarious. 9 had a strong sunday and loaded this week with double underbelly (at the cost of long term sucess) and 7 didn’t have rafters and 7 still convincingly beat 9 by a good 2% in tp’s and won the good demos.

    9’s schedule is so weak, and has been for a while. Their best days are now behind them this will probably be 9’s worst year ever!

  7. Wow, you could say thats a clean sweep by seven. Just 0.1% in brissy and losing out the 16-39 to 10. Where was nine this week, with its Underbelly, and its new shows (too busy planning a dud 5.30 show maybe….).

    And next week with TGYH starting up again, a dbl ep of bones on sunday, and less competition on monday with only 1 ep of underbelly, looks like the week will fall to seven again (along with the rest of the year!). I wish 10 would come second 1 week, i feel sorry for em, they have quite good shows. And you never know wat will happen this week, with their finales and premiers… maybe a close second to nine.

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