The Biggest confuser: did Ajay quit?

Ajay Rochester has spoken about her decision to quit The Biggest Loser -which kinda contradicts the line TEN put out about not renewing her. Who to believe?

ajay1Yesterday Ajay Rochester appeared on Nova to tell Merrick and Rosso, she decided to quit The Biggest Loser, “when I could no longer eat donuts and get away with it. You know when it was? It was last year when I missed Kai’s (her son) School Concert. That was actually the moment when I went, ‘you know what? I don’t think I’ve got another one in me.’”

But there’s just one problem. Earlier this month a TEN spokesperson told TV Tonight, “We have decided not to renew Ajay’s contract in order to head in a different direction for 2010.”

So one party is presumably looking to save a little face. You can decide which.

“After 6 months of 20 hour days, as a single mum it killed me,” she said.

Meanwhile she has offered up some names as a possible replacement.

“Charlotte Dawson would be a good host. Cos she’s got that little bit of bitch and she’s not ultra-skinny. Not that you have to be. That show somebody tends to have somebody who’s not a lollypop head.

“Or Magda, but she may make it a bit too funny? It is getting cornier every year. Some of those lines are really you know, they’re really bad. I would argue. I’m probably sick of them arguing, ‘I can’t say that line I can’t’  and I’d have all these arguments with the person in my ear which made me look insane.”

Of course Magda would be a terrific choice, but I doubt she needs the gig. She’s done enough to be associated with weight loss and what’s to be gained by moving to a reality series -particularly as a follow-up host? Dawson is heavily entrenched at Foxtel. Don’t expect either of these names to surface. And on that point, why has nobody toyed with the idea of a male host yet?

Ajay will relocate to Los Angeles on June 11 where she has been in talks with producers and is looking to produce a series.

She’s also determined to get on Oprah.

“I’m totally going to stalk her. See Ellen DeGeneres stalked George Clooney for a year to get him on her show (slight difference, perhaps?). So I’m going to do the same with Oprah. I created this whole website.

“I’m going to stalk celebrities in Hollywood and interview them online.”

Here’s where someone should add ‘do not attempt this at home.’ One American Idol fan is about to be sentenced for the same act.

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  1. If she quit because of the hard work and long days, why on Earth is she going to LA to continue to work in television? How will that give her more time with her child(ren)?

    Something doesn’t add up here…

  2. Like the first commenter said, she is a confidence artist. She is not even a good one at that. From one eating disordered, depressive, mother of a child with aspergers to another…..fame whoring is not going to get you anywhere darling. Stop thinking you are nothing without chasing celebrity and making ridiculous statements about moving to America to make your mark.
    The world doesn’t need another Jenny McCarthy type exploiting their childs neurological makeup for their own delusions of grandeur.

  3. She’s a con-artist. Anyone who needs proof, go to her Twitter page. I’ve really lost a lot of respect for her ever since she appeared on the news for welfare fraud. It’s been a downward spiral ever since.

    This is an interview too, why would she talk about stalking? I know she doesn’t mean she’s actually going to stalk those people, it’s just slang, but surely she’s been taught properly of the ways to deal with interviews? Because a lot of fuddy duddy’s will immediately detest what she says.

    She should know better.

  4. I cant believe some of things being said about her – yes she gets paid alot but 6 months and hardly any time to spend with your child being a single mum would be quite terrible, especially for Ajay who has been put under so much scruitiny its not even funny anymore – shes moved on so let her.

  5. How pathetic is Ajay – attempting to make a career and herself famous by stalking Oprah and other celebrities…I’m sure that’s going to be hugely successful!! Get a life!

  6. I can’t trust a single thing out of this woman’s mouth anymore – all she does is twist facts to make herself sound like some sort of hard done by mother of the year.

    @ ryan, she may have been paid a ‘measly’ amount but you take what you can get when no-one else is interested in you!

  7. remember ajay wasnt paid massivly for biggest loser, she was paid a measly 50,000 for series 1, and a crap 75,000 in series 2, i wouldnt stay for that kinda money for all the crap i have to put up with.
    Ajay is better off with out the show anyway, just like gretel is better off not hosting big brother

  8. Hmm I think we can beleive Channel 10’s version. What sane person would give up paid work to go stalking? What sane person would even be a stalker? honestly this woman needs to get a grip of herself.

  9. I say peoples leave Ajay alone. I met her at a charity function once and she’s absolutely lovely. She did it for 4 years. Even Gretel ended up leaving Big Brother at some point.

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