Returning: Beyond the Darklands

Updated: Seven is returning its crime factual series Beyond the Darklands to Mondays.

btdSeven is returning its factual series Beyond the Darklands shortly.

While an airdate is yet to be confirmed, it will be back in the week of August 16th.

The crime series, featuring psychologist Leah Giarratano, was taken off earlier this year.

The first episode back will look at ‘Neddy Smith’ who has been convicted of rape, armed robbery and murder. Smith has been serving a life sentence since 1989 and is presently imprisoned in Lithgow Correctional Centre in New South Wales.

Could be a logical follow on from City Homicide, which returns with a double ep next week?

Updated: As expected 9:30pm Monday August 17.

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  1. i think… that the program all together is good. i enjoy everything about it. i can agree with you guys that the chick does sound a little bit fake. but she does a good job still. thats just her job. ummm…. the bega school girls killings got to me the most. to know that i have been along those roads makes me sick. but i done a project on it for school and found out more then the show told us. and that was good. i am glad i got the opotunitty to watch that episode and it hit close to home. i hope that everyone who comments on the show, watches it or has just heard about the show likes it and takes something away from it… because it shows that you really cant trust anyone.

  2. oh and that women dr thing is hopeless!!!! she makes the show so trivial as if she knows it all bullcrap is most of what she says and also most of it is common sense like its being said to 10 yr olds she makes the program really really bad! she just comes across like a try hard love me do!

  3. Watching ‘Peter Dupas’ episode as I type it – this is my first time. Not a bad show, a bit americanized for my liking. Absolutely agree with negative opinions about Leah Giarratano’s performance. Her performance in front of the camera undermines the show’s performance IMO. I am not questioning her professional opinion, but her overall demeanor is just does not do it at all for me. Totally agree with Bman – horrible and grotesque. Its looks like she always wanted to be a bad TV reporter and had to settle for a psychologist…

  4. Great show and love the fact that its 100% Australian crimes. I hear about these criminals through the news etc and what they have done over the years but never fully understand to the degree what these maggots are capable of and how they think but this program gives me an excellent insight into there crimes. How about an episode on Brendan Abbott? i love to see that one!

  5. i think people need to stop making this a race issue. we dont care where you are from or what your religion is, that is not how we judge, we judge by the crime. this is about those women who were subject to this horrific crime. thank you to the women who made their statements over and over again. you saved other women from being subject to this, you are heroes, and i hope you got your own justice, in some small way.

  6. I agree, the show was great. If you’re not yet scared enough, though, and you like the crime genre, the psychologist, Leah Giarratano writes the best crime fiction. Everything is much more frightening because she’s really seen these kinds of crimes. She has three best-selling psychological thrillers out. They’re the reason I watched the show in the first place.

  7. The Skaf episode of Darklands was very moving. The young women who testified against this mob are heros in my opinion. I’m glad the legal system took these crimes seriously. The show is a credit to the producers. The psychologist did an excellent job.

  8. i saw the bilal skaf, and i just want to say that all muslims aren’t bad, don’t think only middle easterns are bad check out the aussies, at my school every aussie smokes dope though every middle eastern i know at my school don’t even touch a cigaret

  9. Watching the B Skaf episode makes you wonder how these scumbags could do that to another human being? I take my hat off to the young women who had the guts to testify against these lowlifes. Pity the death penalty was not in vogue.

    It is because of their courage that these mongrels are finally caught and put away. Well done girls you deserve a medal for fronting up against these animals. The host was okay. I thought it was a good program.

  10. Just watched the Bilal Skaf episode and am sickened that this is happening in todays society. The expressions on his face were just pure evil with no remorse. I send the deepest regards to the three D’s.

  11. Just saw B Skaf episode, and would like to give a big thank you to the 8 girls who testified. What an outcome, and you girls should be very proud of yourselves standing up to those thugs, and showing the way for other rape victims. Girls, you are victorious, and I pray and wish you all the best in the future.

  12. I viewed these comments just to see if people shared my opinion of the host. It would appear they do. Her presentation style is horrible and her body language grotesque and over the top. For a psychologist this is interesting.

  13. Bring it on!! I love that show albeit disturbing! The crimes have been very well researched & the psychologist offers an interesting insight into the warped mind of a murderer. I thought the ‘ Bega School Girl Murders’ was one of the best.

  14. I like this real crime series more than others. I think it’s a great all round production. Not one person in particular does it for me… It’s a team effort. A credit to the producers. Glad it’s back!

  15. I can’t wait for Darklands to return. I’m counting down the days. I like the host and reckon she did well. She has also written a few good crime novels. I wish they left the show on Wednesday night though.

  16. I think it will almost certainly slide into the 9.30pm Monday slot. Seven should never have moved it to Sunday nights. It was pulling reasonable figures after Criminal Minds so you’d expect it to do the same after CH.

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