1. @goffy – Glee and NCIS (along with Mentalist, FlashForward and a few other shows) are fast tracked as a result they will be rested over the break regardless what local networks want to do they can’t air them before the US. The question is will they keep a couple in reserve that air in the US last this year and not show them here until Feb or March, like they did last year for some shows. IMO they will.

  2. No matter who is winning the ratings, one has to ask?

    In a country where a high amount of people illegally or legally download, and ratings have dropped immensley in the last 2 or 3 years alone, does it matter that much anymore?

  3. The high figures for Midsomer Murders on the ABC on Friday just shows the massive amount of Australia’s older generation, and that they like to stay home on a Friday night. The fact that it beat anything on Ten for the week shows how hard it is to get the younger viewers to regularly watch free-to-air tv at the moment. That’s why when a network manages to get the attention of those younger viewers, advertisers love them. Why do you think Nine gave up on Midsomer Murders, handing it to the ABC? Advertisers aren’t interested in a show that probably has an average age of 60!

  4. not only the 7opm has to be revamped. but 10 are too diluted to realise that. idol needs a massive overhaul as well if they want it to be a contender in the ratings war

  5. It will be interesting how well The All Saints Replacement Private Practice will do in much the same timeslot each week.
    Will the All Saints Viewers watch that I don’t know.

  6. Ten need to revamp the 7pm project, i dont mind Charie but Dave Hughes doesnt suit this kind of format at all..his lame gags are painful to watch at times. He polarises the audience as well, for every person that finds him roll around the floor funny there is another person who cant stand the sight of him.

  7. From tonight GO! is backing on the success of Wipeout, by showing double episodes from 5:30pm.
    Ridiculous that a repeat of Midsomer on ABC rated higher than any show on TEN over the entire week. It shows that people want to watch quality movies, not another repeat of Mean Girls.
    City Homicide was much better this week in storyline. Seven still need to move City Homicde to 8.30 Monday, Criminal Minds, 8.30 Wednesday, and FlashForward to 8.30 Thursday. Makes much more sense that way. I dont think the viewers will be coming back after the mid-season break of FF.

  8. I know when it is referred as nationally that the regionals are not in it…i maen regional Australia, is actually a different country, you only have to look at how the federal and state governments and now Prime with the non starting of the second channel to see how they treat regional and rural areas to know that.
    If you look at the true national figures…and again i know no one will cause of advertising revenue…the figures may be closer than we all think…. what is the brak down David on the weekly wins..how many are 7 infront by?

  9. Just on the “70 minute episode” thing with All Saints: it was a 70 minute episode every bloody week. Those waiting for shows airing after it knew that all too well.

  10. I must say that I rather Andrew Gunsberg as the central host of The 7pm Project. He felt more suited to the role then Charlie.

    It was such a relief that I didn’t have to put up with Hughsey the other night, no awkward on the spot jokes that didn’t quite work as well as hoped. I like Hughsey, but only in small doses like on Rove, once a week (where he’s had time to well rehearse his section).

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