NZ Earthquake: Tuesday amendments

Here are the latest amendments as networks cover the earthquake in Christchurch:

SEVEN (all markets):
6pm Seven News
7pm Today Tonight

Home and Away
is out but two eps will air on Thursday.

10:30pm Seven News Special

Cougar Town is now out.

6am Sunrise live in all markets
11am Seven Morning News

The Morning Show is now out.

Rolling coverage now continues until 6pm in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

6pm: Nine News
6.30pm: A Current Affair
7pm: Nine News Special: Christchurch Earthquake

Two and a Half Men is out.

9:30pm Nine News Special Presentation
10:30pm Ben Elton Live from Planet Earth

Ben Elton will be delayed but “as live” tonight. With such short notice it’s a bit much to ask the audience to wait around to run live.

Kitchen Nightmares USA is out.

5am Today (4am Brisbane)
11am Nine Morning News (10am Brisbane)

Kerri-Anne is now out.

10:40pm TEN Late News – Special Extended Bulletin

Replay of 6pm with George Negus is now out.

6:00 am TEN Early News – Special Extended Bulletin

This post updates.


  1. No worries, David. 🙂

    Just to add, SBS One seemed to be the only channel that left TV3’s news ticker up unobscured (which had handy info), dropping their own ‘breaking news’ graphics after thirty minutes. Yet, News24 was the best, sticking with One News for most of the night.

  2. I think it’s worth mentioning that both ABC1 & SBS One both dropped regular programming yesterday from 12:30pm & 1pm respectively, switching between the domestic Channel One & Three feeds between them. ABC1 went to Parliament at 2pm (which they’re forced to do) while SBS One kept going with commercial-free TV3.

  3. Delay Ben Elton indifinately I say.
    Sky New great coverage, clear in giving the facts and latest information of what is known at the time, not over dramatic like there commercial counterparts.

  4. Ironically I tried to watch Ten but the signal was unwatchable same for Eleven after 6pm probably closer to 6.30pm. I really don’t look forward to the end of analogue. Later on they worked (when I tried hours afterwards ). Even the ABC played up in a minor way. I did see SBS and Seven. They were fine. The weird thing while an emergency or live news is showing on ABC News 24 I don’t care what or when the programmes start. But at normal times I just find it frustrating they put hour shows on the beginning of the hour during primetime eg. 9pm. Rather than on the half hour eg. 8.30 or 9.30pm. Because I can’t co-ordinate with other channels and that can include ABC1. It’s like they set out to have the least amount of viewers possible. That said they and many others did a good job including the New Zealanders of bringing us the news. My thoughts and good wishes are with NZ.

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