Axed: Brothers & Sisters, No Ordinary Family, V, The Event.

The axe also falls on Detroit 1-8-7, Off the Map, Mr. Sunshine, Better with You, Law and Order: Los Angeles, Outsourced, Perfect Couples.

It seems Rachel Griffiths was right, after all.

ABC (US) and NBC has axed a number of their shows, many of which which will hit the Seven Network.

ABC  has axed Brothers and Sisters, No Ordinary Family, Detroit 1-8-7, Off the Map, V, Mr. Sunshine, and Better with You (the latter three are Nine Network titles in Australia) while NBC dumps The Event, Law and Order: Los Angeles, Outsourced, Perfect Couples.

Brothers and Sisters
Rachel Griffiths’ banter about unemployment at the Logies has ultimately proven true, although the network tried to push the “no decision yet” line. There was talk the show was to return with a shorter season but that won’t happen now. Though the ensemble drama still had loyal viewers in its recently wrapped fifth season, it no longer was the buzz or ratings draw it used to beThe show just had its season final in the US last week.

The second season, which even added the wonderful Jane Badler to the mix, dipped to 6.9 million viewers per week though fans blame ABC’s scheduling. It aired in Australia on Nine before being shifted to GO!

Detroit 1-8-7
This crime drama starring Michael Imperioli had been preempted several times during its 18-episode run in the US. It was also the first new US drama Seven has offered up this year, but has already been bumped from a 9:30 to 10:30 start.

Mr. Sunshine
Matthew Perry comedy has averaged 7.3 million viewers in the US. Nine has been sitting on this since February and it will now have to premiere it with the hindsight of the axe already swung. Perry announced earlier this week that he’d be entering rehab.

No Ordinary Family
So much promise, so little execution, and coming from Greg Berlanti  too. Seven premiered this one last week but online forums were already expecting it to become another FlashForward and The Event. In the US, where it matters, it started well but later in the season had lost half its premiere audience, averaging 6.6 million viewers. It was the second 2011 US drama Seven has launched this year.

Off the Map
Yet to screen in Australia is the jungle-set medical drama starring Martin Henderson and Zach Gilford. Also with Seven.

Better With You
This romantic comedy has aired in Australia on Nine.

The Event
This cancelation wasn’t a surprise. The highly serialised drama got off to an extremely promising start but fell fast. NBC didn’t help matters by shelving  it for a long winter hiatus, but only after the audience already gave up. And it even promised not to repeat the mistakes of FlashForward.  But there is a suggestion talks underway to possibly take the show to a different distribution platform.

Law and Order: Los Angeles
NBC announced that the series was being put on hiatus so that it could be reworked and relaunched. L&O:LA finally returned last month in the US but few cared. It will air in Australia on Seven.

Outsourced finished its first season in the less-than-hospitable 10:30 p.m. time slot averaged under 3 million viewers. Yet to air in Australia.

Perfect Couples
Ended with 2.26 million viewers back in April. Ditto.


Source: Hollywood Reporter TV Line

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  1. No Ordinary Family gone? That’s the last f***ing time i let myself get sucked into a show only for them to axe it after one damn season. No Ordinary Family is great, and now it’s just another in the long line of shows i got involved in, only for some idiot at the studios to pull the plug on it.
    All anyone seems to want these days is more cheap and tacky reality nonsense. it seems the days of good scripted television may be drawing to a close.

    I really hope the TV execs will be happy when everyone has switched their televisions off and gone back to reading books because theres nothing worth watching on.
    From now on I don’t give a damn about any of the new pilots coming out, they’ll all be axed by next year anyway just so why bother? Everyone can just have another 400 seasons of American Idol or some other half witted crap instead

  2. Last week as last as Wednesday GEM was advertising ‘Better With You’ on Friday nights, along with ‘Hot in Cleveland’ but come Friday Better With You was gone replaced with a 2nd Hot in Cleveland, what gives Nine/GEM?

  3. I can’t believe Brothers and Sisters has been axed. Such a good family show. So Disappointed! Or they could have made one last season as now I’m left hanging. Now there’s going to be repeats of every other show on channel 7

  4. Maybe the studios should stop trying to make these huge multiseason story arcs – if each season was self contained then at least when they cancel something they don’t leave the fans of the show disappointed due to the lack of a conclusion.

  5. I am devastated that it has been axed. But in my eyes it will still go out on a high and it has been a really quality show. Can’t wait for the 5 season box set… Christmas gift anybody….

  6. Glad to see they finally got around to killing off V and The Event, what a mess both series were. V was always dreadful, but The Event started well and then rapidly went downhill. When the writers failed to understand that the alien’s sun can be only light minutes away from their homeworld, in the same solar system by definition, it was time to give it up as a bad job written by ignorant hacks with no adult oversight.

  7. I really enjoyed it but it was too slow to go anywhere substantial…which I think is a definite disadvantage when you have it’s earlier mini series which had you hooked over 2 big nights. The new series looked good, held it’s own and had plenty of promise but…too slow for the market today.

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