Monday’s Reality makeover

MasterChef, The Block and The Amazing Race dominate Monday night viewing. Try not to look surprised.

Reality TV continues to dominate the viewing landscape with MasterChef Australia topping Monday once more with 1.65m viewers over The Block‘s 1.36m.

Nine’s renovation show pulled less than the previous Monday (1.54m), possibly due to the fact it has shifted its “room reveal” episode to Sunday nights. But that move also paid off in Sunday results.

The Block won at 7pm over Home and Away (1.12m), ABC News (912,000) and The 7pm Project (802,000).

Ranking behind the Reality shows were The Big Bang Theory (947,000), Border Security / Crash Investigation Unit (922,000 / 788,000), 7:30 / Australian Story (680,000 / 740,000), and Mythbusters (251,000).

The Amazing Race Australia (1.12m) won its timeslot over Rescue Special Ops (929,000), Can Of Worms (911,000), Four Corners / Media Watch (660,000 / 641,000) and Man vs Wild (239,000).

It was a tighter race at 9:30pm but Q & A won with (619,000) over CSI: Miami (566,000), Bones (559,000) and Law & Order: Criminal Intent (511,000).

Without a late night repeat there was no change to 6:30 with George Negus, but it’s too early to tell if the strategy will drive up early viewers. It pulled 443,000, well behind Today Tonight (1.32m) and A Current Affair (1.16m).

Neighbours on ELEVEN was the top multichannel show with 412,000 viewers.

Seven won the night.

Week 30.

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  1. I dunno I like seeing Hamish McDonald in the field. Although I enjoyed Negus on dateline and 7pm, he’s a tad boring on 630 . I enjoy the stories infinitely times more than the seven or nine offerings.

  2. I have nothing against Negus and think he is a good presenter, and I understand Ten is looking for an ‘older’ audience, but i just dont think he is a good match for the network. With him leading up to young and hip 7pm its just strange. The show might work if they gave someone younger the spot like Hamish or Hugh, or even Sandra Sully ( older yes, but a huge fan following regardless)

  3. I have to wonder what did people think the new show(Negus) on the block was going to do in it’s first year, the other 2 have been on for years? What numbers was it thought it was going to get, over the Million+, like the other 2 had?

    I think TEN should have it’s own current affair show, and at 6.30. Having Negus is perhaps the only re-think that needs to be done, he is obviously not the draw that they thought he would be, and he wouldn’t of come cheap. All that aside, what is a realistic number for Negus to get, and it be acceptable to people, 700,+ or 800,+ ? What isn’t a fail no.? Obviously under 500, is.

  4. Everyone shouts praise at George, but 443 000 at 6.30pm is appalling up against the sewage that is ACA and TT. Perhaps they need to change the presenter? I respect GN very much, but for how long can they allow the show to “find its feet”? TEN is known for giving shows “time”, but sorry, this is not working in its present format 🙁

  5. It was funny last night on ACA when they spent almost 2 minutes basically telling their audience to pass on MC since the result had been revealed and to instead watch The Block

    no shame

  6. Nine’s decision to move the “room reveal” episode of The Block to Sundays actually gave Seven’s Monday line-up a reprieve. Border Security, Crash Investigation Unit, and The Amazing Race Australia all went up on last week.

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