KAK hints at primetime project

''It's a format which they felt had me written all over it," Kerri-Anne Kennerley says of her secret Seven project.

When Kerri-Anne Kennerley quit Nine for Seven, it wasn’t just to appear on Dancing with the Stars, but her other ‘secret’ project, due to surface in primetime.

There are still next to no details on what the show is, but she tells the Sydney Morning Herald, ”It’s a format which they felt had me written all over it; I looked at it in a broad sense and I felt it was a lot of fun.”

Kennerley confirms it isn’t an interview show.

”As much as I love interviews, I needed a break. I think I was bit stale mentally and I certainly wasn’t enjoying what I was doing. I had a disagreement over how the show was being run and the content. That’s on the record, so I’m not speaking out of school. I found that frustrating.

”You very rarely get opportunities in life to do a 180-degree turn and try something else and, as my husband so delicately put it, what have you got to lose except a couple of kilos? And I am thoroughly enjoying it.”

Could Seven be ready to breathe life into The Marriage Ref? It paid a lot of money for the rights, that so far haven’t seen the light of day. Or could it be a new format….?

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  1. did seven just tell her they had a prime time gig to get her signed for dancing? And now she has taken it literally! when the plan was probably just to put her on as a clip show presenter (Bert style) that will be “moved” to day time and then move her on

  2. I’ve been watching TMR in its late slot. It’s not a bad show. The problem was it was hyped up as the worlds next high budget mega hit, which it was never going to be and ended up disappointing. If it was just launched in a 9:30 slot as cheap light entertainment after a short promotion, similar to Pictures of You, I think it should be brought back to the front burner and will be successful.

  3. Fair point, but she does cite frustration with producers. And I think most would agree learning about your exit via the press is pretty poor. At this stage her replacements haven’t exactly turned around the QE2 yet. Maybe after Big Brother when Sonia is back in the spotlight.

  4. TMR has not lived up to it’s hype in the US, but it’s still going. And Seven have started showing the US version with no promoting and sticking it late night somewhere. I only watch if there is a star on I like.

    If Seven keep the season short and get in enough stars to be on the panel then it could work. I just never found the US one very interesting.

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