Anna Hutchison joins Spartacus cast

US drama Spartacus, filmed in New Zealand, has added three new Aussie and NZ actresses for its next season all of whom have appeared in Go Girls.

They are Anna Hutchison (pictured), Jenna Lind and Gwendoline Taylor.

Hutchison (Underbelly, Shortland Street, Cabin in the Woods) will play Laeta, the wealthy wife of a Roman official.

Lind (Go Girls, :30 Seconds) will play Kore, a loyal slave to Simon Merrells’ Marcus Crassus, the roman tasked to bring an end to Spartacus and his rebellion.

Taylor (Go Girls) will play a young slave rescued from a cruel fate who will come into contact with the key leaders of the revolt.

They join Todd Lasance, already announced as Julius Caesar for Season 4.

Production on Season 4 is currently underway in New Zealand.

Source: Huffington Post


  1. And I imagine they will all get their kit off at some point…:) Didn’t really dig season 2 as much as the first couple. John Hannah as Batiatus was really outstanding and no one really has the charisma to cover that hole. Lucy Lawless perhaps…but Liam McIntyre as new Spartacus was a bit boring for me, although it was a pretty uninspiring role as written I’ve gotta say…

    Here’s hoping season 3 can improve on that a bit. I’ll be back to find out. Has that X factor that most shows don’t have…or maybe its just the boobs haha

  2. Armchair Analyst

    Not surprised that Anna is playing a wealthy man’s wife, usually in a show like this the wealthy wives are played by sexy looking women. Did i mention that Anna is hot hot hot!!!

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