Big Brother Confidential

It had been promised as a show with adult content that didn’t fit the 7pm timeslot, but Big Brother Confidential failed to deliver last night.

While Nine was never going to match the Uncut / Adults Only shows of previous years, it didn’t even bother to stump up with a host or panel for this show.

Instead it was just another clip show narrated by Mike Goldman with a few magazine-style graphics.

There was no nudity and barely even any swearing (“shit” and “piss” were the extremes). There was a quick flash of pubic hair, a poke of a breast and a bit of farting.

While I get there is no pink bits in Nine’s new “family friendly” edition I kept waiting for the more adult conversations.

Michael posed some weird hypothetical questions, Bradley wanted to get his back smeared with sunscreen from Estelle, Sarah admitted she had implants and Benjamin spoke about gay parenting. But why is gay parenting not ok for 7pm when we have Modern Family in the same timeslot? There was nothing too hot in his conversation at all.

Where were the extra bits from Estelle and Ryan’s bed smooching? We have no idea how far things went between them -even if they’re visually too racy for “family friendly”.

This was a cartoon version of Big Brother where the content supported the graphics, not the other way around. I felt like I wasted an hour with no real insight into the housemates. By contrast, the 7pm edition was actually rather good last night, showing divisions between female housemates. Finally something other than who is hottest.

Nine’s view of BB 2012 versus former series is “that was then, this is now” and we’re supposed to stop comparing with what we knew before. It’s a great theory but if BB is back at Dreamworld with Mike Goldman narrating then that’s a pretty big ask.

I’d like to see Big Brother Confidential doing what Big Mouth used to do: have a host, a panel discussion with some lively debates and some meaty content. I think it’s possible to do this without compromising the racy stuff that Nine is so nervous about. But it does involve actually producing a studio show, even as  low-rent telly.

Give Mike Goldman a show please!

Big Brother Confidential airs 10pm Wednesdays on Nine.


  1. @Mac

    The thing is, if that’s the case it’s more to do with nine mishandling the show than anything else.

    Unless it’s a complete disaster, i wouldn’t be surprised if it’s not back in a slightly better form next year. I have to imagine re-investing in the BB infrastructure had to be done with a couple seasons intention.

    They will never know otherwise if live streams, uplate, uncut, panel shows ect would have made a difference.

    They simply have made it harder to invest in the show. Personally I am enjoying this season a fair bit.

  2. This show can’t be performing nearly as well as Nine wanted. Surely the numbers will diminish before they get close to finale, thus rendering this season a one-off, never to be heard of again.

  3. Yeah it seems Nine is trying to fit a square peg in a round hole with how they’re trying to position this season of BB.

    They can’t accept the show is what it is. The biggest problem is, they haven’t reinvented the show to make it how they want. They’ve just tried to force and limit it into being it.

  4. The program rated 382,000 viewers. By comparison, Uncut and Adults only, which started at around 9:45 during the later seasons and finished close to 11:00, regularly pulled 900,000 viewers.

    Uncut was never a particularly controversial show until they tried to make it as raunchy as possible in 2005. Up until then, the strength of BB lay in the way in which is was able to target different demographics with different shows. Trying to make the whole thing family friendly, even late at night, is just pointless. Nine are robbing themselves of far better ratings.

  5. It was very cheap. It seemed like it was just an outlet for material that didn’t make it on the daily show or on the official site.

    Stuff they’d pulled out to possibly use, which they never got around to.

    With out a live stream anything else showing more is good. If you follow the show, watch the stuff on the official site. It’s entertaining and fine.

    However I really think the extended daily show idea later on GO!, with longer conversations and some non appropriate stuff would simply be way better.

    There’s just so much more they could do, which fits in with what Nine claims they want, which they aren’t.

  6. Not sure it will adversely affect voting as such but the Big Brother voting issue is problematic.


    1. People can’t connect to the voting mechanism by iPhone. They have reported this issue and nothing has been said in response by Official BB moderators.

    2. The FB link from the Big Brother site nomination page doesn’t work. Official BB has been repeatedly told this by fans. Nothing done.

    3. Several fans who have paid for FB credits (five credits equal one vote) have now been blocked from the Official FB page. The moderators are aware of this and have been asked about it and simply deflect. They claim they do not block and that is must be FB. That may well be true but if FB are blocking fans for spamming…when that may simply be excited supportive posts..then surely BB is obliged to try and assist them? And what about the loss of money spent to vote?

    4. The Voice offered free FB voting and clearly many fans on Official BB are confused about the current need to pay. Some are simply dropping names on the FB page. On this, the Official BB moderators jump to respond and post a link to the nomination pages.

    So, in sum, a problematic voting system where some mechanisms/links/devices don’t work and 9 appear to be non-responsive. Fans being blocked is a broader issue and you’d think 9 would be actively trying to help them. Apparently not.

  7. I hadn’t seen this video series until today. Not exactly crack up material but a darn good parody at times!

  8. I didn’t think it was that bad – still delivered on it’s promise to show a more “funny side” of the housemates – light viewing isn’t always bad!

    One big plus about no panel/host is that there’s more footage from the house – something that isn’t a bad thing at all this year where fans are feeling deprived!

    I agree that a bit more adult conversation is needed to fully fit the show’s description and viewer’s demands/expectations.

  9. What was this show classified as? M or PG? A clip show is ok for a laugh, but you really need some analysis and discussion to understand the housemates. They don’t even have a official forum for it on the website! (facebook & twitter just don’t cut it).

    Big Mouth was probably one of the things they got right in the previous season. But I suppose the ratings couldn’t justify the cost of a panel show.

    I would love to have a “Big Brain” show they had in the uk where a psychologist analyses motivations and of the housemates. Maybe they could fit some small segments in this magazine format?

  10. BB this year seems to be the same show that was on ten, albeit with some of the good things ripped out of it.

    Multichannels, live streaming and phone apps could have been used to great effect in having this show connect with its target audience.

    This is a real missed opportunity from Nine.

  11. +1 for Goldman have his own show. Something like Channel 5 (UK)’s Big Brother Bit on the Side. Maybe a 1 hour panel show on GO! every Tuesday and Thursday. At least that would be a start.

  12. I actually did like this uplate confidential big brother.. It shows alot and i mean alot of things you dont get to see naturally on the 7p big brother show.

    I liked it and hopefully someone can confirm if this a ongoing programe next week? I agree it should run alittle more longer. Not just 1 hour. And i wouldn’t call 1010pm a adult time. Because many kids out there are still awake. After all this is not the year where kids goes to bed early. Things do change.

    I see there was less editing and less cuts on this uplate confidential. but the 7pm big brother dialy show is far too discreet and too much editing and cuts. But its great to see this show more lift up. We can see what the housemates are (really are like) but i still have alittle dificulties where exactly are the bedrooms in this big brother house. Because they havnt shown the house in full view yet.. Also mike goldman is doing a fantastic work. But notice his voice tone sounds like his not that up lifted and happy. He sounds like his not that all excited about big brother like he used to sound during the past big brother daily shows.. Maybe his getting older or that his grown out of this by alittle. He needs to be more excited with his voice tone. Unless channel 9 is very restricted and must do what they say.

  13. If you want a show with Mike Goldman back, we are running an email campaign at Behind Big Brother to bring back Uplate.

    It’s an email petition that only takes 10 seconds is sent directly to the Director of Programming at Channel Nine as soon as you submit.

  14. Big Brother without the T&A is like chocolate without calories… tasteless, boring and no guilty pleasure.

    I gave it a shot, but massive fail for 9 as far as I am concerned 🙁

  15. Wow what can I say,you are right,right,right David.I’ve always been a BB fan but this year has fallen flat.I had such high hopes.All these cameras 24/7 and we still don’t get to see what’s really going on and how each relationship with each other is forming.What’s the point of it all.Thank goodness the eviction(oops,I mean elimination)process has started.At least it’s given us something.Just not enough.

  16. Glad I didn’t sit up for this then

    I was almost falling asleep through the early show.

    Doing some of that tablet multitasking you have been talking about.

  17. Yes, dear lord, Give Mike Goldman a show. Kruger has been great but Mike has the experience, he gets the show and he’s a helluva lot of fun. Kudos to Channel 9 for bringing back BB (I would say 10 are kinda kicking themselves for that) but I think even a midnight show more “adult” would be welcomed and would strengthen the brand!

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