Big Brother 2023: meet the cast

Sexy singles invade the Big Brother house this year on Seven.

Big Brother has assembled its hottest cast ever in a master plan designed for hook-ups, break-ups and maybe real love this year.

Previously called House of Love, the season is promising “sizzling curveballs and seductive twists. Expect love, lust and jealously as the hottest Housemates ever try to get their hands on the $100,000 prize…and each other.”

But will viewers warm to a cookie-cutter season built around sexy singles rather than relatable housemates?

Sonia Kruger returns as host as Housemates will all have the power to nominate who they want to be up for eviction, plus:

• Secret Missions: Housemates may be asked by Big Brother to take part in secret tasks of his choosing
• Nominations Challenges: These challenges return with exciting new gameplay. All Housemates will compete and the winner will be safe from eviction and have the sole ability to nominate
• Secret Rooms: Undisclosed elements of the House will throw everything into chaos

Big Brother Uncut will also screen on 7Plus.

30, NSW
Luxury Fashion Manager
AnnaSophia is a glamorous, loud, queen bee from the Northern Beaches of Sydney. Likeable and witty, she loves to have a laugh, especially at herself. Now selling high-end luxury fashion, she dresses impeccably, flirts up a storm and causes mischief wherever she can. A self-proclaimed devil in disguise, AnnaSophia is a good liar who intends to charm her way through the game and out of any sticky situations. After attempting to live with friends, but finding them too annoying, AnnaSophia now lives at home with her parents. It’ll be a big adjustment for her inside the Big Brother House as it doesn’t take much for someone to irritate or annoy her. Admitting that she “loves men, so please throw them my way”, she’s single and ready to mingle. She’ll definitely be using her flirtation skills to her advantage in the game.

24, Qld
Pilates Instructor/Dancer
Annelise is an eloquent, natural beauty who could talk underwater. An overthinker with a stubborn side when she feels she’s not being heard, she admits to sometimes cutting people off when they talk so she doesn’t forget what she wants to say. She plans on playing hard-to-get while in the House (bearing in mind her nanna will be watching!). Annelise describes herself as “the friend that you send up to the bouncer to get you to the front of the queue” and is weary of falling hard in the Big Brother House. A strong believer in monogamy, she knows if she makes a connection with someone, she’s in trouble. Working as a Disney Princess in Paris for two years, Annelise learned she could do almost anything, with the experience shaping her into the fierce young woman she is today. Being quite emotional, especially when overwhelmed, Annelise will find it difficult to nominate and evict fellow Housemates.

26, Vic
Lighting Designer
Something of an enigma, Dion is a charismatic, proud Fijian Indian from Melbourne who lives his life to the fullest. He’s worked hard to pave the way for his dream career as a lighting designer for big stadiums and music events. A romantic at heart, Dion is a sucker for a brunette female. However, he isn’t looking for his future wife in the Big Brother House, instead seeing it as the perfect singles playground. Ready to cause a bit of chaos, Dion will walk into the House and no doubt stir the pot right from the getgo, but he’ll be relying on his charm to ensure he’s forgiven for his antics. As a Housemate Dion may struggle: he relies on his mum for a lot of house-related chores is the apple of his mother’s eye, and can get away with anything when it comes to her! While he may be polarising in the House with his loud personality, he will refuse to dull his shine for anyone.
Extremely competitive, he believes he will be the biggest Alpha male inside the House. Claiming to throw “anyone under the bus if I have to”, Dion is in it to win it.

24, NSW
Personal Assistant
Personal assistant Graciemae has a lot of energy to bring to the Big Brother House. Filling any room with her personality, she’s quick-witted and secure in who she is. Describing herself as the mum from Meet the Fockers, Graciemae believes she may be part witch, practising as a psychic. She draws from her young-spirited parents, who she believes may have passed on some of their natural therapy to her, with her mum having her pull angel cards from the age of five. Saying she could “fall in love with a pineapple if it looked at her the wrong way,” Graciemae has 100 types and says personality is key: no lame jokes allowed! She loves a tall guy with good teeth and juicy lips. One to enjoy a flirt with the local baristas as part of her morning routine, Graciemae says people tend to warm to her, even though she’s silently judging them. She’s going into the House with the intention to stay true to herself, make people laugh and to make sure she enjoys herself along the way.

25, Vic
Jake is a high-energy, confident chippy with a goofy side. While admittedly cocky and known to play up his looks, Jake is happy to be the butt of a joke and knows how to make girls laugh. Coming from an Italian and Maltese background, he is very close with his family, often making homemade salami and wine with his mum and restoring cars with his dad. One thing Jake can’t handle is bugs and he’ll even resort to having his mum come over to his house to kill them. Fear of creepy crawlies aside, Jake is ready to use his good looks to his advantage. He’ll openly flirt his way around the House, will rarely wear a shirt, all while playing into his goofy side, saying, “you’ll get a lot of blonde moments out of me.”

28, NSW
Traction Linesman
Growing up as a country boy, Josh is a chiselled tradie with a love for football, sports and the gym. His passion for fitness and a diet that consists of sardines and lamb hearts keeps him competitive, a trait which will work to his advantage in the House. Josh doesn’t shy away from new things or being outside his comfort zone. He will give anything a crack and loves a woman with similar confidence; his ideal girl is a bit of a tomboy with good banter. A loyal friend, Josh will play with integrity and honesty. Josh is tired of being single and is ready to find a girlfriend inside the Big Brother House!

26, Vic
Lewis is a carpenter from Melbourne who is described by his friends as a “life enthusiast”. A happy and charismatic guy who likes to challenge the heterosexual male norms, Lewis is a tradie and a footballer who loves to paint his nails and play Harry Styles on repeat. Constantly on the move and working outdoors along the coast, Lewis says he “works to live rather than lives to work”. He has a van that he’ll sometimes travel in and live out of, so his ideal girl must be a fellow adventure lover and go-getter. Lewis had his heart broken at 21 and hasn’t been in a relationship since. Enjoying the single lifestyle, he lives in a share house behind a pub and prefers to make his own decisions. Lewis had his heart broken at 21 and hasn’t been in a relationship since. Enjoying the single lifestyle, he lives in a share house behind a pub and prefers to make his own decisions. Lewis is a bit of a romantic at heart, admitting to “loving love” and he’s open to dating in the House.

24, Vic
Social Media Manager
A real-life prince charming, Louis is an emotionally intelligent, kind-hearted AFL player and model from Melbourne. Not afraid to show a little vulnerability, Louis is comfortable in his skin and doesn’t shy away from poking fun at himself. Louis moved to Melbourne with his family from Western Australia, where he runs his own fitness and social media business. He has a huge following on TikTok he also plays a bit of country footy. One to fall in love easily, Louis says he “can’t kiss someone and walk away”, so any romance in the House will be the real deal. Prepared to conquer all the challenges while in Big Brother’s House, Louis isn’t here to make friends and will do anything to win.

33, NSW
Sensitive, cheeky prankster Luke is a real Aussie bloke’s bloke who grew up close to the beach and will find it easy to get along with almost everyone in the Big Brother House. A third-generation panel beater, Luke works alongside his dad and brother in the family business, started by his grandfather. When he’s not working with his family, Luke loves to mentor and give back through coaching under 14s football, as well as enjoying rugby league and surfing. He admits that he gets a little preoccupied during footy season, leaving little time to date. Having been in love and heartbroken before, Luke still believes in love at first sight and is drawn to outgoing people. He plans to stay true to himself and build on his relationships in the Big Brother House to further his game, but admits that his competitive streak will show during the challenges.

22, WA
Big-hearted Minee is a bubbly, ambitious model from Perth who can have a conversation with almost anyone. Starting modelling as a child, Minee was bullied for missing so much school growing up. She now loves to help those around her feel comfortable and confident, being sure to compliment people and make them feel good about themselves. She admits she can be tough to be around if she doesn’t get adequate rest or gets a little hangry. Often seen as a blonde Megan Fox, says people are intimidated by her, but she won’t allow anyone to project their insecurities onto her. Minee admits she has no filter, often surprising others and herself with how outspoken she can be. Minee broke up with her last boyfriend after he’d bought her an engagement ring, feeling she was too young to get married, but this doesn’t mean romance in the House is off the table. Warm, genuine and honest, Minee is one to watch.

33, VIC
Policy Manager
Quan is a Government Policy Manager from Victoria who came to Australia when she was eight. She is Chinese, grew up in Vietnam and found her first few years in Australia quite difficult as she didn’t speak English and was bullied. Quan has gotten into trouble in the past for being judgmental and not caring what anyone thinks about her, saying she has a bit of a ‘bogan side’. Her dad was quite strict while she was growing up, so Quan would sneak out late at night with her friends to have fun. When it comes to dating, Quan has a list of icks, the biggest being men with long, skinny fingers! Recently single and always down to have a good time, she’s known by all the bouncers at the local clubs.

Tay (Sisters competing as one housemate)
23, Qld
Social Media Influencer
Glam pocket-rocket Tay is a beautician, influencer and social media model from the Gold Coast. Career-driven and fashion conscious, Tay has gained a large social following for her fashion and beauty looks. Having considerably grown her social media platform alongside her sister, Tay is known as the ‘Boho Barbie’ by her followers, with Ari being the ‘Boho Baddie’. Strongly opinionated people and loud chewers give Tay the ick – she’s been single for a year and likes a chilled out, good-looking guy with personality.

Ari (Sisters competing as one housemate)
20, Qld
Social Media Influencer
Fresh-faced photography student Ari is a social media influencer from the Gold Coast. Half of the troublesome duo who love to party, Ari thinks her fellow Housemates may underestimate her and she’s ready to prove them wrong. Ari moved around a lot as a teenager and feels this has given her the ability to be confident with anyone she meets. While drawn to older people, she tends to get along with everyone. Single since finishing high school and described by her sister Tay as the ‘wild child’ of the family, Ari is after a guy that looks good next to her, takes care of their appearance but isn’t overly cocky.

27, Vic
Sheep Farmer
A self-proclaimed bogan princess, Taylah is a sheep farmer from Victoria who is ready to take on anything thrown her way. Taylah has a keen eye for fashion with a Kim Kardashian glam about her, but is a country girl at heart. She’s a single mum to the love of her life, four-year-old Charlie. During COVID lockdown, Taylah created TikTok videos with modern-day relationship advice that resulted in her being named ‘TikToks Big Sister’. She plans to use this to her advantage in the House, being able to support her Housemates while actually just manipulating them to further her game. Not one to shy away from some good gossip, Taylah will be discussing the Housemates with Big Brother and she’ll make it clear if someone in the House catches her eye. Taylah gets along best with alpha men and women. People that can’t keep up with her loud and chaotic energy will be left in her wake.

22, Vic
House Painter
Country boy Zach is your loveable Aussie larrikin. Based in small country town Colac, Victoria, Zach says he has been going through a “dry spell” due to the limited population. Despite being a house painter by trade, he tells girls that he’s a dolphin trainer at Sea World. Completely committed to the lie, he’s changed his occupation on his social media and dating profiles to reflect his meticulously crafted story. Making national headlines earlier this year after stopping a burglary in his neighbour’s garage, Zach took the opportunity during a live cross on morning TV to plug his Instagram so that any girls watching could slide into his DMs. When he’s not out chasing girls, he also enjoys playing Aussie Rules at the local club, with the mateship keeping him coming back to the field. His mischievous personality and selfdeprecating sense of humour will likely serve him well in the Big Brother House.

Big Brother 7:30pm Monday – Thursday on Seven
Big Brother Uncut 9:30pm Thursday night on 7Plus.

16 Responses

  1. People never watched the show to see hook ups. It needs to go back to core fish out of water, strangers getting to know each other alongside the audience format. Part of the reason BB has lost its appeal is because before the premiere you feel you know the housemates and there’s ‘nothing to see here’. Previously a big part of the appeal was getting to know them as the series progressed, realising who they thought or said they were might not be who they actually are, seeing them expand their minds and worlds while inside such an artificial environment. Thematically the show doesn’t know what it is anymore

  2. How is Uncut supposed to work? The world has changed a lot in 20 years since it last aired.

    Aspiring influencers in their 20s probably don’t drink alcohol and would be very cautious of ruining their “brand” by letting their guard down and hooking up with other housemates. Expect a lot of dull conversations and very little action.

  3. Jesus they look like they should be on Love Island or a dating show not BB. But I guess BB has turned into a dating show. Not one of them is your average Aussie!

  4. On my 2023 Bingo card for second place flop of the year behind Blow Up!
    Nine doesn’t put Love Island on its primary channel at 7.30pm for a reason. If there’s any success it will be steaming and 16-39’s.
    I think ratings will end up on par with where Celebrity Big Brother sat.
    Next year they’ll need back to basics live daily shows to revive it.

  5. A far cry from the Big Brother of the early 2000s, on Channel 10, hosted by Gretel and Mike Goldman, this looks like a cheap and tacky version that was taped in 2022, so it’s dated already. And enough Sonia Kruger, more than enough.

    1. The casting on BB has almost always skewed very young.

      Some of those Ch10 seasons in particular, had almost all of the cast in their early to mid 20s and most of them were covenantally attractive.

  6. The whole reason why I will not be watching this year. We have so many “dating shows”. I like the normal BB, with like you said David “relatable housemates”.

    And on another note, where is the diversity? Whilst I understand housemates dont need to disclose their sexual preferences or identities, looking at the housemate list, its basically screams all hetero’s in the house. Its 2023, people like seeing variety!

    1. Seven is a signatory to the Screen Diveristy Inclusion Network which has a Charter that says: “We aim to actively reflect the diversity of Australian society at every level of our workforce, by gender, age, race, sexual orientation, nationality, religion and disability or geographic location, both in our employees and the stories we tell.” There is some ethnic diversity above but little else. The Charter allows for network has a whole behind / in front of screen but BB is not exactly adhering to the spirit. Love Island may be guilty of similar.

  7. To be fair, those were their ages a year ago when the show was filmed.

    Lucky for Seven there have been no accidents or fatalities amongst the contestants since then.

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