ABC News 24 ramps up Election coverage

2013-07-10_1359ABC News 24 is ramping up its political coverage in the lead up to the Federal Election.

From 5pm Monday, July 22, it will feature “Australia Votes” an hour of specialised political coverage every afternoon, with Capital Hill, News Exchange and a political interview.

In addition to live coverage of political events, analysis and interviews with key political figures throughout the day, ABC News 24 is expanding its flagship political commentary Capital Hill and adding new editions of its social media program News Exchange.

At 5pm, (Monday to Friday) on Capital Hill, Political Editor Lyndal Curtis and the ABC News 24 reporting team in Canberra will look beyond the daily spin to discuss politics and policy with key figures from all sides. The program will analyse the major events of the day and provide the context that allows the audience to make informed decisions on the political process.

At 5.30pm the groundbreaking social media news program News Exchange is being extended to five nights a week to give viewers an up to the minute snapshot of trends and activity on social media as the election campaign progresses. News Exchange Votes, presented by Matt Cargill takes a unique look at what political news is trending on social media platforms.

At 5.45pm, ABC News 24 will feature a political interview, from senior Government and Opposition members and those who make the political news on a daily basis.

For the latest political coverage, tune into “Australia Votes” from 5-6pm Monday to Friday on ABC News 24.

(The regular edition of News Exchange can still be seen at 8pm on Friday night)

All times are AEST


  1. Rudd is going to St Petersburg for the UN Security Council hand over on the 7th of September. So the middle of November is looking more likely. People’s preferred PM in the polls follows what people think of them on TV. So Gillard was worst, Abbott is second worst, then Turnbull and then Rudd. I have no idea why people like Rudd but they do.

    I live in a non-marginal seat so it is just about remembering to queue up for half an hour to get the name ticked off and avoid the fine. The are so many idiots standing for the 6 positions in the senate that they are talking about a 1.02m senate ballot printed in a 6 pt font with magnifying lens so people can read them. Numbering every box with a blunt pencil sounds like a challenge!

  2. Meanwhile, Sky News has been running ‘Agenda’ four times a day for as long as I can remember and has shows like The Nation, Contrarians, etc. I’m a fan of the ABC and ABC News 24 in terms of news coverage, impartiality, balance, presentation quality, graphics, intelligence, etc.-they have a dozen or so foreign bureaux whereas Sky just plays grabs from CBS and Sky UK. But for political coverage (eg. Julia Gillard announcing the latest spill), Sky usually dominates. Capital Hill is over almost before it begins (14 minutes?).

    PS. ‘News Exchange Votes’?

  3. Bogues, this only applies to News24. Early Edition continues on ABC1. Of course, News24 has broken away from Early Edition heaps of times before to take breaking news.

    Craig, either way, Rudd will have to do it before the end of November. But October is looking more likely according to many. Not long to go before we’re all living in the 1950s.

  4. Election coverage for an election that is yet to be called, latest news is a couple of months. Which still puts it in September some time.

    Given the polls Rudd would be mad to wait too long as they are only likely to drop when the honeymoon period of Rudd love ends.

  5. is that the end of the national news bulletin at 5:30pm? or will that still be shown on ABC1 only (and on delay outside the eastern states)?

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