New shows coming to ABC News 24

ABC News 24 will launch four new shows next month including Weekend Breakfast and Planet America.

ABC News 24 will launch four new shows next month:

Weekend Breakfast
Hosted by Andrew Geoghegan and Miriam Corowa. Featuring News, Sport, Finance, Arts and Weather. This will also be streamed online.

Planet America.
John Barron teams up with Chas Licciardello to analyse the US Presidential campaign.

Peter Wilkins presents the latest sports news, features and discussion with contributions from the ABC’s sporting commentators and leading sports figures. Monday-Thursday on ABC News 24, with Contact Sport on Fridays.

News Exchange.
Matt Cargill takes a look at the top stories at home, around the world and in business, sport and entertainment. A mix of TV meets the web with social media and audience interaction.

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  1. ABC News 24 is built on daily “Politics, Finance, Sport & Weather”. Prime-time condenses this into “In Depth reports”. Today they had a News Conference with the PM and Collingwood AFL Player Harry O’Brien, about united communities in Melbourne. At the end of the news conference they had to throw a political spin into this, by analyzing this from a journalist in the Canberra studios.

    Clearly if you want in-depth journalism that incorporates the usual topics of “Politics, Finance, Sport, and Weather”, go to ABC News 24 and watch the offerings, present and still to come. If you want news with mostly open feeling go to “Seven News”, “9NewsS” Or “Ten News”.

  2. Gee, I always thought “sports, politics and finance” formed part of the overall news of the day.
    @Darcey09. Completely agree. Sydney/Melbourne, AFL/NRL.
    @The Harp- As for “weekend breakfast as long as its not Melbourne- centric”- who cares. 7 & 9 do their’s from Sydney. Who cares. No local stations are going to do their own local breakfast program. Those days have long gone unfortunately.

  3. The Harp,

    We could say the same for the Sydney-centric news that is played for the rest of the day and all weekend.

    This can especially be seen when in the sports section they always discuss NRL first, even though there is a larger AFL fan base than the NRL across Australia.

    In addition, has anyone realised that from time to time (generally in Summer) the 7pm bulletin is the Sydney news bulletin? Is it hard for the ABC to make sure that its their local bulletin if they have to play a non-ABC News 24 Bulletin in future?

    Would be nice if ABC News 24 had a set in WA, to cover the bulletins late at night there, because the last ABC bulletin is at 9pm in Summer or 10pm in Winter for WA, which is unfair because Eastern Viewers get local Australian news direct from the ABC right through to Midnight. I mean, its fantastic we have Al-Jazeera and the BBC news bulletins, but they are more focused on the world news rather than local Australian news.

    Thoughts anyone?

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