X Factor, Blacklist give Seven a Monday win.

Ratings: Seven's double was too powerful for the competition, while TEN's Mondays are a mess.

2013-10-08_1005Seven’s double of The X Factor and The Blacklist were well in front of the competition last night, both sitting at around 1.45m viewers.

Nine’s Monday outing for Australia’s Got Talent didn’t see much change from its Sunday numbers but Big Brother held well for its late start. TEN continues to have scheduling issues on Monday with A League of their Own on the wrong night, dragging Homeland down behind The Bold and the Beautiful.

Seven network share was 33.5% then Nine 28.5%, ABC 18.2%, TEN 15.1% and SBS 4.7%.

The X Factor (1.46m) topped the night for Seven then The Blacklist (1.45m), Seven News (1.19m), Today Tonight (1.00m), Home and Away (928,000), Million Dollar Minute (529,000), Scandal (521,000). Deal or No Deal was 236,000, Mistresses was 184,000 and 30 Rock was 129,000.

Nine News (1.22m) was best for Nine then A Current Affair (1.05m), Big Brother did well for a later start (950,000), Australia’s Got Talent (939,000), Hot Seat (635,000) and The Big Bang Theory (419,000).

ABC News was 912,000 on ABC1 followed by 7:30 (883,000), Australian Story (816,000), Four Corners (555,000), Media Watch (527,000), Q & A (490,000) and Country House Rescue (318,000).

TEN was unable to rise above TEN Eyewitness News (629,000). The Project was 576,000. All other shows trailed The Bold and the Beautiful (459,000) with Homeland on 433,000, A League of their Own (353,000), The Simpsons (336,000) and Blue Bloods (259,000).

Are We Still Evolving? (218,000) led SBS ONE, then Storm City (205,000), World News Australia (168,000) and Legally Brown (168,000).

Neighbours was best on multichannels at 307,000.

Sunrise: 305,000
Today: 259,000
ABC News Breakfast: 60,000 / 35,000

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 7 October 2013

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  1. Dear Ten,

    It’s called Good News Week. It belongs on your network at 8.30pm Monday. We don’t care if it’s 60 mins or 90, but we want it. Next week is fine. I’m sure you still have McDermott’s phone number. If not, shame on you!

    Australian Public.

  2. @William – Why would/should TEN renew two of their worst preforming productions? There’s no way TEN’s Austn content points will fall below the minimum. Start with how much “branded” junk they run, especially on weekends.

  3. “A League of their Own is a Saturday night show.”

    Yep. A Saturday night in Melbourne show. It’s full of Melbourne comedians who talk about AFL. It’s why these footy based comedy shows never work.

  4. @LizzieMay, I do agree with you about skewing to the totally wrong audience ….. It never ceases to amaze me that when I watch SVU on thurs nights that Ten try to promote every reality program that have on the books …. TEN …. never going to happen, that I will watch any of your reality programs ……. you have got this totally wrong ……..

    To all those out there who are critical of ten … give Wonderland a chance …. It’s better than you think ……..

  5. @Lizzie May Agree with your observations re 10’s identity crisis. After reading endless article where Mark Gordon in particular speaks about “finding” the show when they saw the amazing chemistry between Brodie and Carrie – “the lightning in a bottle” we all hope to achieve in casting – and revising the ending to keep Brodie alive for season 2 & now 3, we have not seen him in the first two eps. Instead we’ve seen a re-run of things we’ve already seen (Carrie off her meds and Dana being rebellious but right etc) and quite a few false notes (Analyst with a Hijab after a terrorist attack has killed the VP of the USA and wiped out an entire generation of CIA operative etc etc). With The Blacklist doing so well it’s just too late to get the audience back so Ten’s problems just got a whole lot worse.

  6. @Pete – TWL and ALOTO should get renewed, if they don’t produce much Aussie content at all they are at risk losing their licence. I think they should renew them to avoid getting the chop

  7. @ MuchoTB

    Agree re Homeland.

    League of their Own won’t be on next week on those numbers and This Week Live finishes next week so two feeble attempts at creating television slip into the never never.

  8. It said it all last night about Channel Ten. Homeland finished on an intense, heart wrenching moment with Carrie that went to a promo for Wonderland about some trivial moment to do with a romance bet thing. The contrast couldn’t have been starker. Unlike Channels 7 & 9, Ten as no idea who they are skewing to and therein lies one of their big problems: their brand and what they believe in.

  9. oh man homeland would do so much better if it wasnt on a monday or even on a sunday when it was last year it also the same as elementary ten has two great shows put elementary or homeland on a wednesday so ten & seven can have a fight with the ratings because there is nothing on a wednesday

  10. oh man homeland would do so much better if it wasnt on a monday or even on a sunday when it was last year it also the same as elementary ten has two great shows put elementary or homeland on a wednesday so ten & seven can have clashing with the ratings because there is nothing on a wednesday

  11. Homeland has been awful this season. Too much focus on Carrie’s mental health issues and Dana being suicidal…everyone is shouting at each other and it just isn’t engaging at all. Good thing Brody is back next episode but they really should have axed his family last season and moved into a new plot for season 3

    Loving The Blacklist…great series.

  12. What was seven getting at 5pm before Deal moved there, looks like it will be gone, half of is audience has given it up. MDM looks like it will be gone as well on those numbers, it is just too dependant on the carry over champ, and the ones that do win are smart to leave after one or two goes at the end.

  13. Everything that Ten can show at 7:30pm is a Saturday show, except for Modern Family. We will never find out what Homeland will rate on Monday night with a good lead-in because Ten doesn’t have one.

    S2 of Homeland averaged 614k with a Modern Family lead-in on Sunday. On a Monday night against The X Factor/The Black List, ABCs solid news and current affairs lineup and Nine’s best shows, S3 is probably going to rate less than 500k. It is a cable show watched by 1.8m in the US.

    The problem was trying to fix their Monday line-up by fast-tracking, as if that was going to magically create half-million viewers out of thin air. Still its rating 300k better than The Americans

  14. The worst thing Ten is doing now is sticking that annoying TENplay promo between shows on both Ten & Eleven (I assume One is showing it too).
    Was amusing the 1st time now after multiple viewings I just change the channel.
    This is not what Ten needs.
    I am a fan of Australia’s Got Talent but the format where the judges are choosing half of the contestants for the Grand Final is flawed & why people like me are disengaging from the show.

  15. I agree A League Of Their Own would’ve been a good replacement for Before The Game (and in other States that didn’t have BTG on TEN proper), bit like how TEN used to run It’s A Knockout up against Hey, Hey It’s Saturday back in the day.

  16. Very critical and picky in my TV viewing. Homeland S1 was a “must watch now”. Now S2 is a “PVR for sometime later”. Blacklist is a must, then Q&A & Lateline. I’d watch A League of Their Own with Timmy what’s-his-name 6:30 Sat. over Australia’s Funniest American Home Videos. My tweens want to watch it but are stuck on X-Factor.
    Writing in Black List is superb. Come home from your Cannes junket Beverley. More important things to be done here.

  17. Its probably too expensive for them to run Saturday night against a show with possibly a similar audience. TEN have made a mess of Mondays for a couple of years now. First they run shows like Wanted and Can of Worms (with live tweets) against ABC’s Four Corners and Q&A, now League of Your Own against X Factor and Got Talent. Also yesterday they stuck a big fat ad after the Project so would have lost they’re audience. Theres a gap Thursday 730 until its established

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