The Footy Show (Late): update


Nine is (sensibly) bringing forward the Late editions of The Footy Show in their respective states so that both codes now run back to back from tomorrow.

Anger Management has been removed so that Sydney and Brissy viewers will now see the AFL Footy Show at 10:40pm immediately following the NRL Footy Show.

Similarly, Melbourne, Adelaide & Perth viewers will now see the NRL Footy Show at 10:40pm following the AFL Footy Show.

It makes sense to segue from one Live sports show to the other, especially when it’s in Nine’s interests to lift NRL in “southern” states.


  1. Sensible move specially for the numerous AFL fans around Australia.Great for NRL fans i guess but the show is no comparison to the AFL version though

  2. They have put them back to back before when it started at 9:30pm. I also like they have done it again. Not sure if the same episodes were shown for Anger Management in both southern and northern states I hope channel nine can reschedule them.

  3. isnt this what multichannels should be used for rather than endless home shopping repeats

    David, is there any way you can run a story or find out about the proliferation of these home shopping channels and why the main and secondary channels still carry home shopping programs?

    • Sorry but Mulitchannel should be used for Survivor on Thursday nights. Not some show about old people talking about Football with their unfunny shenanigans.

  4. In the ‘olden days’ (before multichannels), the other footy show was shown on 9HD at the same time as the main one. Maybe Nine should show both live on 9jumpin or stan, so viewers can watch the other version live.

  5. Finally. Took Nine long enough to do this. There has been so many complaints on social media regarding getting the very late starts to the footy shows (usually past midnight, so now they’ll be happy with the early start

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