Miss Fisher producers hoping to remake Seven Little Australians

Every Cloud Productions are planning a 4 x 1 hour series of a classic Australian novel.


Producers of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries are hoping to remake the classic Australian novel Seven Little Australians by Ethel Turner.

Fiona Eagger and Deb Cox from Every Cloud Productions are planning a 4 x 1 hour series featuring seven unruly, mischievous children.

The story was previously a BBC series is 1953 and an ABC series in 1973 as well as a 1939 feature.

This adaptation has been developed by writer Elizabeth Coleman but no broadcaster has been attached as yet.

Seven Little Australians is a celebration of the uniquely irreverent, anti-authoritarian Australian spirit as embodied by the mischievous Woolcot kids, who refuse to fit into the English mould imposed upon them by their Anglophile father,” Deb Cox said.

“In developing the series we’ve discovered just how many themes from the book have contemporary resonance and currency: What is it to be Australian, when even our new Prime Minister was required to swear allegiance to the Queen; how leniently or firmly we parent, how to balance the needs of a blended family; the challenges teenagers face – for example, body issues explored in the original material seem eerily familiar – and how far have we still have to come in our recognition of Australia’s original land owners.”

“This is a hugely exciting production for Every Cloud. We are thrilled to have obtained permission from Ethel Turner’s granddaughter, Philippa Poole, to adapt the novel for the screen. Ethel Turner’s estate has also been granted access to all of Ethel Turner’s diaries and we plan is to make a companion documentary piece on her life,” Fiona Eagger said.

“Cloud Productions is uniquely placed to bring Seven Little Australians to life for a post-millennial audience. Our adaptation of Kerry Greenwood’s popular Phryne Fisher books, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, is celebrated on a global scale for its high production values, lavish costumes and meticulous attention to period detail. We pride ourselves on honouring the warmth and irreverent spirit of Kerry’s books while capturing the essence of Phryne’s era – and we believe we can bring the same qualities to Seven Little Australians.”

Every Cloud is also developing the on-line drama series Deadlock, with UK writer Bryan Elsley mentoring young writers.

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  1. Why do you announce a show when there is no broadcaster attached? It is obvious ABC material because they’ve made it already. Can the ABC with its reduced funding afford to commission a show it made itself years ago? In these circumstances I doubt this one will get over the line.

  2. Spooky. I was just thinking the other day someone should remake this. It looked pretty dated when I watched in the 90s, so modern production values could entice a new generation to watch it.

  3. Not sure how I feel about this; but that’s because the 1974 ABC series made such an impact on me and I’m not sure I can imagine any other actors than Leonard Teale and Liz Alexander and Ruth Cracknell in the adult roles; and those wonderful teen and child actors like Anna Hruby. I guess I don’t have to watch…. Aren’t there classics that haven’t been filmed yet?

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