7flix adds to Sunday win for Seven


Seven’s newest multichannel 7flix is off to a modest start attracting a 2.3% channel share, but quietly adding to a winning network share just as 9Life has recently done for Nine.

At 2.3% it was more than GEM and ELEVEN (1.6% each) or any of the SBS multichannels, with its biggest the movie Love Actually at 110,000 then The Princess Diaries 2 at 65,000. With Sunday driven by movies rather than TV titles those numbers may lift with shorter duration titles across weekdays. More concerningly, there has been a significant reaction in social media from viewers having difficulty accessing the new channel.

On the main game last night MKR topped the night but was down by 513,000 viewers. Nine’s timeslot flip between 60 Minutes and Australia’s Got Talent paid off with AGT up by 100,000. TEN’s I’m a Celebrity also increased by 68,000 (Elimination).

Seven Network won the night with a 34.7% share then Nine 24.1%, TEN 18.3%, ABC 16.9% and SBS 6.0%.

My Kitchen Rules (1.43m) was best for Seven then Seven News (1.06m), Sunday Night (943,000), The Blacklist (450,000 / 317,000).

Nine News (896,000) led for Nine then 60 Minutes (781,000), Australia’s Got Talent (713,000) and The Amazing Noughties (363,000).

TEN divided I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! into two numbers (Elimination: 713,000 / Sun: 584,000). Modern Family was 623,000, The X-Files was 557,000, TEN Eyewitness News was 334,000 and Limitless was 235,000.

Doc Martin (1.01m) did great business for ABC followed by ABC News (792,000), Call the Midwife (689,000) and Joanna Lumley’s Nile (428,000). Compass returned with 246,000.

On SBS it was Angkor Wat’s Hidden Megacity (220,000), SBS World News (191,000), Tony Robinson’s WWI (129,000), Monty Python: The Meaning of Live (123,000) and Gayby Baby (119,000).

A 7mate movie First Blood led multichannels at 249,000 viewers.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 28 February 2016.


  1. I mentioned this over at the TV Lounge the other day – i think a crime channel with dramas like NCIS / docos / investigations would work. Whether it launches as a new channel or a rebrand of an ex I existing one i don’t know. But come on TEN, use your Foxtel connections

  2. Ten really needs to restructure its multichannels asap. 11 has been beaten by One several times. This is not looking really good for this network.Ten should make a new multichannel, perhaps kind of oldies channel and replace that absolute nonsense shopping channel SpreeTV.

  3. The couples on Colin’s round of MKR just are don’t resinate with people, they are trying hard with their misleading promos but I for one are done with Colin and this lame group…

  4. Respectfully, I would think that as it’s a new channel making its debut on traditionally one of the more competitive nights, first night launch overnight ratings for 7flix of 2.3% might be considered a fairly decent result rather than a modest one. Just a thought.
    As David noted, it also helped produce a cumulative winning network share for Seven just as 9Life has recently done for Nine. I reckon Ch7 would be fairly pleased with that on night one.

  5. If you cannot get 7flix you do not have a digital tv or set top box with mpeg4 video format. I live in Perth and went to the Good Guys and brought a GVA HD set top box for $35 and brought a cheap HDMI cord from Dick Smiths for $3, good picture quality now with HDMI cord and I can pick up 7flix, 9HD, TV4ME, and 7racing.com.

  6. Ten has to get into the Multi station game. As l have suggested l reckon they have a good array of Law n Order shows to have a station dedicated to cop shows. This would make them stand of from the rat pack of mixed program channels. Loved the X-Files and hoping OJ is just as exciting.

    • Agree, TEN need to really sit and define a brand for their multichannels. Not too sure about all cop shows though, i already feel as though they have exhausted this genre over the years! But what to offer? No idea! Perhaps a music channel as CH-V has gone, docos….

      • Docs wont rate well enough l feel and advertisers may not wish to get on board. One of these channels have to come up with something different. Ten has tried a sports only channel and this failed. &Mate was suppose to be a channel for the boys but they are all over the place. Go started as new programs but have turned into cartoons and encores so what can Ten do? Music wont work neither. Ideas anyone?

        • How about the drama/comedy/horror classics channel. If I was a Channel Ten programmer, I’d launch it on Ch15 and replace the SpreeTV because no one watches this shopping channel. Eleven needs to make more changes to its 6am-6pm lineup. Classic programs on 11 need to be replaced by kids shows during the 12 hours.

          • What l don’t get TV owners, we the public can remove those channels from our list. I do and l only have those l want to view i.e. not the shopping channels. If l wish to shop l go online

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