Hamish McLachlan hospitalised after being trampled by horse


Seven sports presenter Hamish McLachlan is in hospital after reportedly being trampled by a horse yesterday

Fairfax reported he fell off his horse and was then trampled by another, suffering six broken ribs and a collapsed lung. According to 3AW, he was very lucky not to be injured further.

A Seven spokesperson said, “Yesterday afternoon Hamish had a tumble from his horse, resulting in a couple of broken ribs. He is recovering  in hospital and is in good spirits.

“He is expecting to return home in a day or so. Hame’s return to air will be planned once he is back on his feet and feeling fit and ready to go.”


McLachlan hosts AFL Game Day and presents on Racing.com.

Last week he hosted a panel chat at Seven’s Melbourne Newfronts, which included his brother AFL CEO Gillon McLachlan. Both are polo players.

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