Before the Game in tug of war

TEN's AFL show Before the Game is under the eyes of Seven execs, looking to swoop on the show for 2012.

As tipped back in September, TEN’s AFL show Before the Game is under the eyes of Seven execs, looking to swoop on the show for 2012.

The Roving Enterprises show was left without any clear future in September after TEN ended its AFL commitments.

At the time a TEN Spokesperson told TV Tonight, “No decision has been made at this stage – we are concentrating on Grand Final Edition on Friday night.”

Andrew Maher quickly joined FOX Sports’ football magazine show FOX Sports FC.

Now the Herald Sun reports Seven is keen for the show, which also features Dave Hughes, Ryan Fitzgerald, Samantha Lane and Anthony ‘Lehmo’ Lehmann.

Seven’s run of primetime AFL shows have struggled, including The Bounce, Four Quarters, Live and Kicking, The Game and AFL Game Day.

A TEN spokeswoman said the network was “very hopeful” of signing a new deal with the show.
“It’s looking very good,” she said.

A Seven spokesperson added, “It’s really too early to say what our Saturday night programming will look like next year, there’s no announcements yet.”

TEN is also set to screen The Graham Norton Show on Saturdays in 2012.

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  1. I think i think something will go wrong with BH&G on Thurs and it will end up on Sat in AFL states. 7 should keep that door open. They have a show called ‘sports fever’ coming from Working Dog. I think they should back that show instead.

  2. CH9 have 3 footy shows and they dont have the rights. It wont work on 7. Hughsey wont leave 7pm and andy maher does stuff for 10 and one. People will still tune in. Its the best footy show out of all of them,.

  3. I’m sure that Ten will keep the show (simulcast with either Fox Sports 1 or Fox Footy), and plug Foxtel’s matches (ie. Hughesy will say “you can catch Brisbane Lions v Essendon on Fox Footy tonight).

  4. Whatever happens I recall Dave Hughes making the call at the end of the final show this year saying it will be back, Andrew Maher was surprised he was saying that in such a definite way, but Hughesy stuck with it.

    Whatever happens to it, 10 isn’t totally out for the count as The Footy Show with Sam Newman and co has gone on for years without the AFL rights on 9, but whether 10 can give the type of commitment required without the rights I’m not sure.

  5. With the host of the show now at Fox Sports, and the main star Hughsey obviously staying at Ten, Seven wouldn’t exactly be getting much of the show would they? There’s no reason for Ten to let it go just because they don’t have AFL rights any more.

  6. Come on ten. Get your act together. These guys are great talent The show should be on a Sunday or Monday night as a full review of the weekends games so you are not previewing a game that will be on after the show on another network. Footy show is very tired. This show is still fresh. So just do it ten in an attempt to keep some viewers!!!

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