Axed: River Cottage Australia… and where to for Next Top Model, The Recruit?

LifeStyle series comes to an end as Foxtel programming boss sums it up so bluntly.

In Foxtel’s recent 2017 highlights there was no mention of several lifestyle and reality shows: Australia’s Next Top Model, The Recruit and River Cottage Australia.

Two of them are still on the Foxtel books but it’s bad news for one.

Top Model is definitely on our slate for late 2017,” Foxtel Executive Director of Television Brian Walsh told TV Tonight.

Production is expected towards the end of the year.

The Recruit is being rested this year and we’re not continuing with River Cottage.”

The LifeStyle series had four seasons hosted by Paul West.

“I lost count of how many goats got murdered,” Walsh conceded.

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  1. Looked forward to each season of River Cottage Australia. Such a shame its been retired. Making room for yet another Kardashian spinoff I expect. (Shudder)

  2. Foxtel have lost the plot! Shows like RCA keep loyalty to their overpriced repeat service.

    I’m really p/o’d at this decision. Will one of the FTA networks be able to pick this up David, or do Foxtel hold the licence long term?

  3. Very poor programming decision Mr. Walsh. River Cottage Australia was our second favourite Lifestyle Channel program (after Escape To The Country). Paul West was able to show city viewers what battling to run a farm is really like. Brian Walsh’s cynical comment about ‘murdering goats’ shows he has absolutely no idea what life on the land is like. (Yes, I married a farmer’s daughter).
    And when are we to get new episodes of Selling Houses Australia?
    At the moment its repeat after repeat. We must have seen that ‘Railway House’ at least a dozen times.

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