Sisters: trailer

First peek at TEN's new local drama with Maria Angelico, Lucy Durack & Antonia Prebble.

TEN has released its first look at its upcoming new drama series Sisters.

The series from producer Imogen Banks (Offspring, Puberty Blues, Tangle) stars Maria Angelico, Lucy Durack & Antonia Prebble plus Barry Otto, Magda Szubanski, Catherine McClements Roy Billings.

It was announced for 2017 although it isn’t clear if it will still debut this year.

Suffering from a terminal illness, IVF pioneer Julius Bechly (Barry Otto) makes a horrifying confession from his deathbed. His award winning career as a fertility specialist was propped up by the use of his own sperm. As a secret donor, he is the unofficial father to potentially dozens of his patient’s children.

Julius’ one legitimate child, the well-intentioned but chaotic Julia (Maria Angelico), makes it her mission to set the record straight and compensate for her father’s scandalous admission.

Welcoming new siblings into her life with open arms, Julia discovers a sea of brothers, but only two sisters: troubled children’s television star, Roxy Karibas (Lucy Durack), and belligerent lawyer, Edie Flanagan (Antonia Prebble).

Thrown together by biology, Julia, Roxy and Edie’s lives suddenly collide. While Julia relishes the prospect of gaining new family, Roxy senses a fresh career opportunity, and Edie cannot see past the crime that has been committed.

From the producers of Offspring and Puberty Blues, Sisters features a superb all-star cast including Maria Angelico, Lucy Durack, Antonia Prebble, Barry Otto, Magda Szubanski, Roy Billing, Catherine McClements, Dan Spielman, Charlie Garber and Lindsay Farris.

Sisters follows the chaos and confusion that ensues when group of relative strangers, from different walks of life, are unexpectedly united by a genetic surprise, to become family.

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  1. I am finding it too over the top. They made the characters too strong of cliches. The blonde sister is super annoying and self centered. The lawyer sister is a total bitch who you really do not like, and the old man who caused all the trouble is kinda gross and also totally self centered. The only decent people are the original sister/daughter and the guy who works for her Dad. This makes the show a bit hard to watch.
    It needs to be more subtle. The premise is good and I will keep watching, but I hope they balance out better after more time. Some times shows need time to find their rhythm

  2. I think Ten under CBS is going to have to do a complete rethink of its network drama and that would be a great thing. It really needs a complete change of management thinking, some real risk taking and an outside eye with great expertise. CBS has so much expertise it could bring from the US to Ten. Without change it will be the same old hit and miss with a lot more failures than successes.

  3. So they’re genetic half sisters with nothing else in common? Sounds dull beyond belief-the initial scenario has occurred both in real life and on screen a number of times now-‘Delivery Man’ was on Perth CTV 44 last night for example.

      1. A return to more neutral Territory such as a police procedural of some sort like stingers rush or like but I enjoyed dramas like the principal, barracuda, deep water, the Kettering incident something with substance but I’d settle for anything that’s not soppy melodramatic we have now seriously offspring, wrong girl, secret daughter, doctor doctor, love child, wanted, 800 words, etc

  4. I think that this will appeal to anyone who thought that Crownies or Winners and Losers was good television.

    This is especially prophetic (1:41 in the above vid): youtu.be/ZTAJ5qhPdFk?t=101

  5. Not sure if I’ll give this a go. After ten’s NCIS new season stuff up I feel alienated as a viewer and don’t like what ten stands for as a brand at the moment. Thus have no interest in watching beyond minimal existing content.

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