Tangle all grown up? Fans still waiting in hope for Season 4.

Producers respond to growing calls for a 4th season of 2009 Foxtel drama.

In a world of revivals and reboots, fans of Tangle are still hoping the 2009 – 2012 series gets a fourth season …and there are good reasons to justify its return.

The Foxtel series, co-produced by John Edwards and Imogen Banks, ran for three seasons starring Justine Clarke, Kat Stewart, Ben Mendelsohn, Catherine McClements, Joel Tobeck, Lincoln Younes, Georgia Flood, Matt Day, Blake Davis, Kick Gurry, and more.

Streaming has given it global exposure through Netflix and Prime Video. IMDb gives it a 7.5 rating but fans claim the series ended without a satisfying conclusion.

“I just caught all 3 series of this show on Netflix. How have I not seen it before? The ensemble cast is amazing, both the well known actors and also all the kids. … I assume they were planning another series, but the sudden ending wouldn’t stop me from watching and thoroughly enjoying the whole complicated ride.”

“I have a question for the shows producers: WHEN IS SEASON FOUR?? Keep going guys! Please give us more seasons.
Great Aussie drama, well worth watching.”

“Where is the ending?”

“Great series but disappointed they cancelled with no conclusion”

“Absolutely brilliant show. Loved it. Dark. Confronting. Messy. Funny. Heart warming. It had everything. The writing was excellent. The acting fantastic. Sad it’s over but enjoyed every minute.”

“… overwhelming majority of reviewers thought it a good-worthwhile production ( 85% rating it 7 or higher)… why it didn’t continue a mystery… leaving all loyal viewers in limbo after just 22 episodes.”

And several of the cast have grown up and gone on to much success. 14 years on, the show could now look to a ‘next gen’ sequel where the teens are facing challenges in suburbia, similar to those their parents faced.

John Edwards tells TV Tonight, “It’s funny. I was talking to somebody in the UK earlier this week – the head of a very big company- and they were talking about Tangle being their favourite Australian series. It helped this person define what a commercially viable relationship drama should be. It should be ‘a bunch of really good looking, middle class people, who are good actors, behaving appallingly!'”

Producer Imogen Banks (Safe Home, RFDS, Offspring) recently told podcast TV Reload, “I literally got a text about an hour ago from John Brawley, who was our DOP on Tangle, saying “Tangle series 4?” We could just tune into their lives now!”

“I love, love Lincoln and see him at all sorts of things. He’s such a divine human, Georgia Flood … most of have gone on to keep working,” Banks added.

In a further podcast, Kat Stewart said she had been pestering producers a fourth season for some time.

“I would do ‘Nat Manning’ again in a heartbeat. I loved doing that show. It was a dream cast…. (Nat’s) so naughty. Justine Clarke & Catherine McClements, I’m such massive fans of them. And also the kids have grown up and done amazing things.”

Edwards, who recently produced Bump and is now producing Plum for ABC added, “Look, honestly I hadn’t thought about it. ….it’s interesting. Justine and Kat are 50-somethings now.”

So no plans for a fourth season.

“Not at the moment.”

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  1. It was aptly named but a mess. It started out with load of middle class professionals all lusting after each other. Mean while their entitled kids played truant, broke into a vacant house and trashed it, and multilated a corpse. The police then let them off with warning. The show then pivoted to focus on Mike trying to reconnect with his mother Nat and a lot of teenage lust, jealousy and fumblings. Ben Mendelson had obiviously had enough a quit, he was killed of by being mown down by a white van at the end. This appeared to have some connection to the plot but was just dropped. S2 was only given 6 episodes and was mostly about Ally trying to move on, Vince’s mysterious brother appearing, and Tim blowing a run for Premier when get got depressed and couldn’t lie anymore. S3 was another 6 episodes where Nat went of the rails and became involved with drug deal then it ended resolving not a single thread.

  2. I adored this series and the great cast, especially the kid actor who played Gigi.

    I would love another series, and with the kids a lot older provides a lot of good story opportunities.

  3. Tangle and ‘Love My Way’ are two of my all time favourite Australian series.
    I have never cried more at an episode of TV than at ‘that’ episode of Series 1 of Love My Way.

  4. I still remember the closing 5 minutes of S3 and I was sooo disappointed when it ended so abruptly. Glad to read it has had a resurgence in recent years as it was a fantastic series with an impeccable cast.

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