“Tangle series 4?”

Could it be time to revisit the lives of two families a decade on from when we last saw them?

Industry chatter is fuelling wishes of a fourth season of acclaimed Foxtel drama Tangle.

The series starred Justine Clarke, Kat Stewart, Ben Mendelsohn, Catherine McClements, Lincoln Younes, Georgia Flood, Matt Day.

Co-Executive Producer Imogen Banks (Safe Home, RFDS, Offspring) told podcast TV Reload, “I literally got a text about an hour ago from John Brawley, who was our DOP on Tangle, saying “Tangle series 4?” We could just tune into their lives now!”

The Foxtel series, co-executive produced by John Edwards, ran for three seasons from 2009 – 2012 , but has since had wider exposure through Netflix and Prime Video.

“I love, love Lincoln and see him at all sorts of things. He’s such a divine human, Georgia Flood … most of have gone on to keep working,” Banks added.

In a further podcast, Kat Stewart said she had been pestering producers a fourth season for some time.

“I would do Nat Manning again in a heartbeat. I loved doing that show. It was a dream cast…. (Nat’s) so naughty. Justine Clarke & Catherine McClements, I’m such massive fans of them. And also the kids have grown up and done amazing things.”

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  1. I tend to find revival continuations don’t have the same feel / charm that they once had and sadly are better left in the past. But if done well then why not?

  2. I liked S1 which was a fairly complex inter-generational story. The short S2 and 3 were a fairly silly political story that didn’t really fit with S1 and didn’t work. I have no desire to revise it or watch any more.

  3. Such a cliffhanger!
    A new season would be lapped up, and so many storyline opportunities with 10 years having passed.
    Here’s hoping all the cast are available and keen.

  4. Yes please 🙌🏻 it ended so abruptly and it was such a cliff hanger that you just couldn’t even speculate your own outcome. Please tell us how it ends!

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