Aussie hunk lands two seasons of UnREAL

Adam Demos was a construction worker in Wollongong when he decided to google an acting course.

When Adam Demos auditions in the US he prefers to use his Australian accent, rather than faking an American one.

No surprises then that the hunky guy from Wollongong who went from construction worker to acting classes, has landed a role on UnREAL. The success of the Hemsworth brothers and numerous Aussies in Hollywood, has made casting agents more open to possibilities.

“I’m pretty Australian-looking so there is interest, but you still have to be able to do the job,” he tells TV Tonight.

“I just go in with my Australian accent, but it’s each to their own. I know a lot of people who go in with American. This is who I am, so if they want to get a vibe about me, then why not just be yourself? Half the time they are looking at your resume anyway!”

For UnREAL, in which he plays a man-bunned surfer into yoga, Demos actually sent audition tests from Australia because he was busy working on Janet King.

“I Googled a Beginner’s Acting course”

Demos was 23 when he decided to move away from construction work to acting.

“One day I was working in the steel works and it was always playing on my mind to try acting. So I Googled a Beginner’s Acting course,” he recalls.

“I think the moment you step in front of a camera you realise you either like acting or you just like watching movies. I got the bug for it.

“All my mates were in construction and played footy, so it was pretty out there.”

He was cast in his first play, directed by Zoe Carides, before he had ever stepped inside a theatre. Commercials and short films followed and later roles in No Activity, Wonderland, Underbelly: The Golden Mile, Rescue Special Ops, Home and Away, Winners and Losers, Cooped Up and Tim Duncan’s Aboriginal Heart.

Filming UnREAL has been a blast. This season Caitlin FitzGerald (Masters of Sex, Rectify) takes the reins as “Everlasting’s” female suitress, Serena. Demos is one of the several male singles vying for her attention.

“She’s a strong, independent woman who butts heads with Quinn (Constance Zimmer) & Rachel (Shiri Appleby). So she’s not as easy to manipulate as the two blokes before,” he explains.

“Then you have the dynamic of the male contestants. There is more ego and testosterone. It’s a crazy ride.

“It seems like the people who love it the most work in the industry, because it was created by a woman who worked on a reality show. They take dramatic license I’m sure, but it gives you a peek behind the curtain.”

“Season 4 is the ‘All-Stars’ with previous contestants.”

In recent weeks he has also been concluding shooting for the upcoming fourth season.

“I’m in Season 4 which we are shooting at the moment in Vancouver. Season 4 is the ‘All-Stars’ with previous contestants.”

Demos isn’t sure what’s next but is hopeful the profile of UnREAL will lead to more US casting opportunities, with his Aussie accent in tow.

“I hope so. Unless people hold it against me because I have a man-bun. Which is understandable….!”

UnREAL returns to Stan on Tuesday February 27.

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    1. I was thinking the same thing, but then I remembered cast have been posting photos with previous cast members from season 1 and 2 on set. I don’t think that it was ever officially announced as All stars, but it seems to make sense now.

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