Returning: The Deep

The third season of ABC ME’s The Deep begins in March.

The Australian – Canadian co-production follows the adventures of the Nekton family — a brilliant team of underwater explorers in the mysterious depths of the ocean.

In season three, the Nektons are back and the Monumentials — huge creatures capable of changing the world — are waking from their long slumber.

To put the giants back to sleep, Ant, Fontaine, Will and Kaiko must find the ancient city of Lemuria and harness its secret. Dangerous pirates, fantastic creatures and tantalizing mysteries will confront them along the way. But even with unexpected help from Jeffrey the Fish, they’re running out of time.

The Deep is based on the Aurealis Award-winning graphic novel series of the same name, created by multi-award-winning, best-selling comic book author and playwright Tom Taylor (All-New Wolverine, Earth 2, Superior Iron Man, Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight, Injustice: Gods Among Us, Star Wars: Blood Ties). The graphic novel series is illustrated by James Brouwer (Justice League Beyond) and published by Gestalt Comics.

The Deep is a co-production between Australia-based A Stark Production (scripts, design and music) and Canada-based DHX Media (animation, voices and post-production), with distribution also handled by DHX Media. 

Sunday 3 March at 5.30pm on ABC ME.

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