Gone: Strictly Come Dancing

10 Peach pulls dance show. Plus news on Happy Together.

Don’t tell Craig Revel Horwood…..

10 Peach has dropped Strictly Come Dancing from its schedule after 4 weeks.

Last week the show drew just 22,000 and 24,000 viewers in its episodes in 5 city metro.

10 Peach is also dropping plans for The Neighborhood from Friday nights.

Instead it will screen reruns of Two and a Half Men  and Rules Of Engagement.

Fri May 31
7pm Everybody Loves Raymond 
7:30pm Two And A Half Men
8:00pm Two And A Half Men
8:30pm Two And A Half Men 
9:00pm Rules Of Engagement
9:30pm Rules Of Engagement
10:00pm Rules Of Engagement 
10:30pm Rules Of Engagement
11:00pm Rules Of Engagement 
11:30pm The Late Late Show With James Corden

Happy Together will move to doubles at 1:30pm Saturday arvo and another on 2:30pm Sunday.


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  1. 10Peach continues its amazing level of variety I see……. the rest of the week: 12 episodes of Frasier, Everybody Loves Raymond and King of Queens for each day.

  2. Was The Neighborhood aired?

    Ten should continue to play these shows. Give the viewers some variety. It’s Friday night FFS, what kind of ratings were they expecting??

  3. I take it that none of the below commentators have seen 11’s Sunday night line up of old repeats upon repeats-‘2.5 Men’ is due to end next week, so will it just start over again from the beginning with Charlie and a young Jake etc?

  4. Looks like an absolutely excruciating four hours of television.

    And here we were thinking that Ten’s back-to-back screenings of The Simpsons (a show of infinitely superior quality to these two dead sitcoms) were excessive.

  5. I can’t understand what 10’s rationale is in airing years old repeats 6 nights a week and then putting first run content on one of the least watched nights of the week (if not the least watched) and thinking it’ll succeed. They really needed more promotion and supporting content to make it work (e.g. pairing Strictly with a dance movie and making it dance night, branding a night “new sitcom Xday”, etc).

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