Update: Bachelor in Paradise, Roseanne, Man with a Plan.

TEN has made some programming changes which will affect previous announcements.

TEN has made some programming changes which will affect Bachelor in Paradise, Roseanne and Man with a Plan.

The schedule is now:

Monday April 30
7:30pm Bachelor in Paradise final
9pm Roseanne premiere
9:30pm Montreal Comedy Special rpt

Man with a Plan is no longer returning.

Roseanne is no longer airing as a double episode. TEN has also teased the return of Have You Been Paying Attention? meaning Roseanne may not get to stay at 9pm (currently unclear).

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  1. Oh great…..not bad enough I missed all the discussion with my US friends…because I still have not seen Roseanne…but now they are fiddling with it ..before it even airs..
    I loved Madam Secretary…but gave up because it was moved…pulled etc….Not happy, Jan… ?

  2. I think Roseanne starting at 9pm after BIP will be good but they should put Man with a Plan straight after Roseanne at 9:30pm. The Voice & MKR have big audience share at 7:30pm so Roseanne at 9pm is a good choice cause not much on all channels after 9pm

  3. So for the people who have been patiently waiting for the season one finale and new season of Man with a Plan will have to wait even longer because TEN want to rerun ‘Montreal Comedy Special’. Ridiculous. And they wonder why people go elsewhere for overseas content.

  4. WTF….after heavy promotion with Roseanne at 7.30, now its at 9, there will be far less viewers. What a waste of money that was. They don’t have money to be throwing around like this. Our Family was looking forward to sitting down and watching Roseanne, but with the late airing, the kids will be in bed.

    If this is the case as mentioned scrap the montreal festival and keep roseanne for an hr and keep MWaP on. 10 is starting to write it’s on death notice with these decisions.

  5. It staggers me that the network programmers in this country seem to prioritise reality TV trash over absolutely everything else. Did Ten not notice how successful Young Sheldon’s ratings were in the 7:30pm slot….Roseanne has the potential to do the same, but probably not at 9pm (really 9:17pm) following BIP.

    1. Younger viewers watch games show live, the trashier the better it seems. Young Sheldon was used as counter programming against The Commonwealth Games were it was very successful for 2 weeks, before Nine pulled it for The Voice and it returns on Wednesdays in May. Roseanne rated well in the US because it’s positioned itself in the middle of the culture wars between Coastal Democrat elites and Midwestern Trumpites it won’t be as big a hit in Australia. Masterchef was always going to get the 7:30pm slots, and they’ve decided to run the final of BIP, instead of Roseanne, in the slot on the 30th to maintain momentum.

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