Seven takes out Take Me Out, All Together Now.

Seven has now confirmed the state of play on a number of unresolved shows from 2018.

Take Me Out and All Together Now will not return,” Director of Network Programming Angus Ross, tells TV Tonight.

The shows were produced by Fremantle and Endemol Shine, respectively.

Both Wanted and Little Big Shots are still in discussion for potential futures.

Last night on Interview Rebecca Gibney added, “You never know there might be another season of Wanted.”

Dannii Minogue-hosted Dance Boss won’t return this year however as Seven created the format internally it does not rule out a reworking at some point.

Seven has also confirmed a second 2019 season of My Kitchen Rules, announced at its Upfronts will not be proceeding.

Meanwhile Seven has teased a bunch of upcoming 2019 titles and this week announced The Real Dirty Dancing.


  1. Wanted is a nice change from the formulaic dramas the networks usually offer. It has an “edge” to it and the chemistry between the leads is great.

  2. battlestargalactica

    All Together Now and Take Me Out both had huge sets. Where do abandoned TV sets go to die? Do they put them in the It’s A Knockout field just like aeroplanes get dumped in the Mojave Desert?

  3. Great decisions all round by 7 here. Now to find a decent vehicle for the always wonderful Julia Zamero. Can’t help but think Saturday Night Takeaway would have been more of a success with her and some tweaking to the format.

    • It might have fared better if it had been broadcast on a Saturday.

      Broadcasting SNT on a Sunday doomed it from the start in my view.

    • Totally agree with you Mac, Julia is a wonderful talent and yes would be great on Saturday Night Takeaway or something similar.

    • Jᴏʜɴɴʏ1ᴘ5

      Could turn SNT into a bit of a hybrid with a bit of RocKwiz in it now that is gone, they could have in studio guests as Julia is well liked by those in the business as her Home Delivery has shown. RocKwiz would fit in as a 20 minute segment and if the same band could along still have live performances. Basically a talk/interview show with a quiz in it that also is shades of Later… with Jools Holland, I am sure Brian Nankervis could slot in there as well, even interviewing

  4. tolliver333

    More than half the issue with Take Me Out was the host. Would have lasted longer with someone else. It a pity All together now didn’t continue. The Super Switch just brings a shudder to me. Really?

  5. Kudos to Seven for attempting so many godaweful new formats that ‘failed to resonate’ (the line they use to blame viewers for a bad show).

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