John Jarratt takes stand in trial

Actor claims he had consensual sex with woman who alleges he raped her in 1976.

Actor John Jarratt has told a jury he had consensual sex with the woman who alleges he raped her in 1976.

Jarratt (centre) took to the witness box yesterday. His former housemate, claims he held her down and raped her in their share house in Sydney.

“(She said) she found me attractive and, from there, there was, I feel, a seduction,”  he told the NSW District Court.

“I, unfortunately, participated in that. I willingly had sex with her and she willingly had sex with me. It was consensual.”

Under cross examination from Crown prosecutor John Bowers, Jarratt denied suggestions he made up a story to answer allegations of rape.

“You know that [the complainant] has told the jury the truth,” Bowers said.

“She’s told the jury lies about it,” Jarratt replied.

“I put it to you that you made up a story about it being consenting sexual intercourse and made up a story today about [the complainant] seducing you,” Bowers said.

“I haven’t made that up I’ve told the truth, at all times,” Jarratt said.

The Wolf Creek star has pleaded not guilty to the 1976 rape of the woman, who went to police in 2017.

Earlier this week she told a jury she didn’t go to police about her allegations earlier because she feared she wouldn’t be believed.

Source: Seven, ABC