Renewed: The Heights

Critically-praised Perth based serial is renewed by ABC for 30 more episodes.

ABC serial The Heights has been renewed for a second season of 30 more episodes, with filming to begin this month in Perth.

Cast returning include: Shari Sebbens, Roz Hammond, Fiona Press, Dan Paris, Calen Tassone, Saskia Hampele, Phoenix Raei, Kelton Pell, Yazeed Daher, plus newcomers Bridie McKim, Mitchell Bourke, Koa Nuen, Cara McCarthy, Briallen Clarke and Carina Hoang.

Rupert Reid (The Matrix Revolutions, The Matrix Reloaded, Blue Heelers, Winners and Losers) joins the cast while regular guests Alex Williams and Asher Yasbincek both return.

Sally Riley, Head of Drama, Comedy and Indigenous for the ABC, said: “We’re thrilled to be working with Matchbox Pictures and For Pete’s Sake Productions to bring a second series to ABC audiences. Season One was warmly embraced by critics and audiences for reflecting real, complex and diverse Australian stories. We look forward to seeing what’s in store for the characters during these 30 new episodes.”

Co-creator and Showrunner Warren Clarke says, “We’re excited to dive even deeper into the world of The Heights. We’ll see relationships strain and falter, friendships tested, and new love blossom as we continue to celebrate the varied and wonderful fabric of modern inner-city Australia and shine a light on the universal connections and commonalities that exist between us all.”

Willie Rowe, CEO of Screenwest said “Screenwest is extremely proud to support season two of The Heights. The first season provided incredible opportunities for industry newcomers and seasoned practitioners, giving a huge boost to the WA television industry, with the series engaging over 100 local crew and casting 93 speaking and over 300 extras roles locally so we are very excited to see the series renewed in WA and for it to have growing impact on our Industry.”

The series attracted strong critical praise and is also announced today as a finalist in Drama Series Production of the Year category at the 19th Screen Producers Australia Awards.

Produced by Matchbox Pictures and For Pete’s Sake Productions for ABC, The Heights, received major production investment from Screenwest and Screen Australia. NBCUniversal International Studios will distribute the series.

The Heights was created in-house at Matchbox Pictures by Warren Clarke (Mustangs FC) and co- creator Que Minh Luu. The show is produced by Peta Astbury-Bulsara (The Marriage of Figaro, Almost Midnight) and Executive Produced by Debbie Lee for Matchbox Pictures and Sally Riley and Que Minh Luu for the ABC. Season Two will be directed by Karl Zwicky (Home and Away, Neighbours, McLeods Daughters, Heartbreak High, Underbelly), Renee Webster (The Heights S1, Marx and Venus, Itch), and Tenika Smith (Neighbours), with Jub Clerc and Kelli Cross joining the team through this season’s The Heights director mentorship program.

Season one writers Romina Accurso, Hannah Carroll Chapman, Megan Palinkas, Peter Mattessi, Dot West, and Katie Beckett are among those returning with newcomers Tim Williams, Nora Niasari, Nayuka Gorrie, Sarah Bassiuoni and Cassandra Nguyen joining the team, as the series continues to foster emerging writing talent.

30 new episodes of The Heights Season Two will continue to deliver opportunities for industry newcomers, reflective of ABC’s unrivalled commitment to homegrown content that fosters Australian talent. The production is unique in casting and training many first-time actors, production crew, screenwriters, its ongoing new director mentorship program and its commitment to maintaining gender parity across the key decision makers and also the entire production.


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  1. Yaasss!!! So excited. A friend and I watch this together. They cannot stand Neighbours yet enjoyed this! It was our Friday nights or Saturday ritual

  2. Ditto to all the wonderfully positive comments below. So glad it’s coming back, and that so many others in the TVTonight Community love it as much as I do. Diversity rules ?

  3. I hope Marcus Graham is returning (he wasn’t mentioned in the cast list) after that cliffhanger on Friday night. It would be great to see it have a longer run at maybe 6pm M-F. It is great to see such a diverse cast compared to Neighbours & Home & Away.

    1. 6pm serialised was obviously what The Heights was made for. But the ABC decided to expand The Drum to fill 6-7pm and ruined it. Then burnt of The Heights with double episodes with the previously on and next episode bits left in between the 2 eps. It would be great to see actual stories, no matter how silly, like Home and Away has in The Heights.

  4. Excellent news !
    Really like this show and diverse characters.
    Really warm-hearted and quite believable.
    Good to see Marcus Graham back on our screens – of course he’s featured in local dramas since then but I still remember him as Wheels in ‘E Street’ all those years ago.

  5. Well, this is a nice surprise! I definitely wasn’t expecting this. I hope ABC will consider giving it a better timeslot come season 2. It was routinely out of top 20 on Fridays, which seemed dire considering how little of value is on the air (even the umpteenth repeat of The Devil Wears Prada outrated it the other week!).

    I had watched the first episode or two on iView, but I didn’t want to invest in the likelihood that it wasn’t going to get renewed (the Friday timeslot didn’t fill me with any confidence, nor the ratings for that matter). And while extremely unlikely, a Blu-ray release would be really neat.

    One of the higher-ups at the ABC must have really liked it.

  6. This makes my heart incredibly happy. This show really under my skin and I felt so attached to all the characters, so Friday’s final ep was such a jarring end. Glad we get to see where they all go next.

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