Curiosity factor works well for I Am Roxy

Ratings: Curiosity for Roxy Jacenko beats out competition from Seven & Nine. Would viewers watch more?

I Am Roxy is now leading 10’s Pilot Week experiment, last night pulling 399,000 viewers and beating out the competition on Seven and Nine.

Curiosity was decent but it did lose nearly half The Bachelor audience and social media criticism was fierce. Question is: would people watch more?

ABC led the hour with Mad as Hell (636,000) and Utopia (595,000).

The Block won its earlier slot with 833,000 holding off The Bachelor at 701,000.

Hard Quiz (605,000), 7:30 (544,000) and The Celebrity Chase (499,000) all followed.

Nine led in primary shares but Seven network won Wednesday with 28.1% then Nine 25.7%, 10 20.5%, ABC 17.1% and SBS 8.7%.

Seven News was #1 at 968,000 / 965,000 for Seven then Home and Away (655,000) and The Chase (550,000 / 328,000). Britain’s Got Talent was 334,000

Nine News (884,000 / 858,000) was best for Nine. A Current Affair drew 711,000 then Hot Seat (432,000 / 252,000) and Grand Hotel (298,000 / 196,000).

The Project was 449,000 / 249,000 for 10 then 10 News First (372,000) and My Life is Murder (242,000). Celebrity Name Game was 190,000.

ABC News (614,000), Diary of an Uber Driver (217,000) and The Drum (154,000) drummed up ABC’s other business. The Set was just 58,000.

On SBS it was 9/11 Escape from the Towers (260,000), The Looming Tower (149,000), SBS World News (135,000) and Mastermind (68,000).

10 BOLD’s NCIS led multichannels on 179,000.

Sunrise: 276,000
Today: 207,000
News Breakfast: 125,000 / 47,000

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 11 September 2019

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  1. I was on 10….I like My Life is Murder….and I enjoyed Roxy….what an amazing young women…told she could not and she did…I love her attitude….and her hand bag collection….as she said….it is a timeline of her achievements and she is proud of what she is done…you go girl….
    Lay off the tall poppy thing people…and praise a young person making it in life….I do not understand the haters……

  2. Seemed like a bit of a fluke as Wednesday is usually one of the more popular nights in television, but one would also think that the plethora of other options available would have resulted in a flop for Roxy. I was hoping for something under 100k to really make an example of 10 for their complete lack of ambition. It’s a pity that one of their stupider concepts has outrated the others (well, Private Eyes at least).

    The stench of 10’s desperation would reach the heavens if they think that a début of 399,000 is worth a full series order though.

    1. Can u fluke it on one occasion? That’s a Steven Bradbury. I think reasonable to call it for what it was, a decent result for the slot given it beat 7 & 9 and fair acknowledge curiosity. If it’s not to your liking there’s plenty of other TV without needing to start wishing shows to fail.

  3. Highest rating pilot week show to date, based on national figures. 3rd highest based on metro.Is it at all possible that your earlier judgement on how much people would want to watch this show was a little off?

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