Vale: Carla Bellomarino

Tributes for rising producer Carla Bellomarino, who worked on The Project and Tonightly.

Rising producer Carla Bellomarino, who worked on The Project and Tonightly has died, aged just 29.

The Project host Waleed Aly paid tribute to her last night telling viewers she had passed away in the early hours of Saturday after suffering a sudden cardiac arrest.

“She was only 29 years old. She worked at The Project with us in several departments over several years — she was a massive part of our team,” he said.

“She was full of life, she was a go-getter, she was going to dominate the television industry, there’s no doubt about that. But more importantly, she was hilarious, she was extraordinarily kind, she was always happy, she smiled easily. It was a genuine pleasure to be around her at every moment. So everyone here at The Project sends their condolences to her parents Vita and Frank and her twin sister Lucy. We want her family to know that we will definitely remember her.”

She also worked on The Great Australian Bake-Off, Open Slather and Aunty Donna: Glennridge Secondary College.

Tributes online also came from Shaynna Blaze, Tom Ballard, publicist Kelly Black and Project colleagues.

Via: news.com.au

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  1. And because the commercial stations refuse to play credits, so many behind the scenes people will remain in anonymity by viewers.

    When credits were aired you would see certain names bobbing up, and their presence could tell you a lot more about what the production than all the network spin.

    (As well as those names which just sounded interesting).

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