Returning: Getaway

Australia’s longest running travel program is back for its 29th season.

Australia’s longest running travel program, Getaway, is back for its 29th season this weekend on Nine.

The 29th season will feature Catriona Rowntree, Jason Dundas and the rest of the team visiting international destinations including Chile, Iceland – and a voyage to Antarctica on the world’s first discovery yacht, the Scenic Eclipse.

Later in the year special guest Adam Liaw will also join the team for a trip to the south of France.

In the aftermath of one of our worst bushfire disasters on record – and the ongoing drought – it has never been more important to travel around Australia and support our local towns, businesses and tourism operators.

This week David Reyne takes us to Kangaroo Island, 100km south-east of Adelaide, almost half of which was badly affected by the bushfires.

The fires also caused extensive damage along the Sapphire Coast in southern NSW. Sam McClymont visits two local operators who are open for business again when she takes a kayak trip on the Towamba River and tours an oyster lease on Pambula Lake.

Charli Robinson makes a pit stop at picturesque Airlie Beach in Far North Queensland and tours the resort town via a tuk tuk.

And Tim Blackwell and David Reyne team up for a boys’ own adventure as they cruise down the mighty Murray River from Echuca in a luxurious houseboat.

Saturday at 5.30pm on Nine.

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  1. It’s very hard to tell now which eps are new and those that have been filmed 3 years ago.
    So does this mean that this show has been running for 29 years now or are there years where there are multiple seasons in the same year?

  2. A great travel show that has been on television for many years. The presenters always have good advice and destination recommendations. I still watch it nowadays, but I did watch it every week when it was in the Thursday primetime timeslot because it was the standout choice at that time.

    1. I found yesterday’s episode a woeful attempt to make viewers feel sympathetic to the fires that have ravaged the nation ,all it was was a cut and paste of pre filmed stories and nothing at all about the current state of the situation ,very disappointing.

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