Jake & Elle win My Kitchen Rules 2020

Brisbane siblings Jake & Elle have won My Kitchen Rules defeating Hervey Bay couple Dan & Steph.

It proved to be a rematch of the 2013 Season 4 Grand Final in which Dan & Steph won the title -interrupted by a PM press conference over coronavirus.

But the brother & sister won with a score of 29, including two perfect 10s, over their rivals on 27 points. They win $100,000 which they intend to use for their Eat Street Northshore business -which is currently closed due to COVID-19 restrictions.

“That’s epic! It means so much to us,” said Jake.

Elle added, “My little brother is the bee’s knees. I just love him inside and out. He’s got a beautiful personality and he’s great at what he does and I love that he has the courage to be who he wants to be. I wouldn’t want to do this with anybody else.”

But the season for Seven was less glorious. Beaten by Married at First Sight, Australian Survivor and ABC’s 7:30, the series was the lowest-ever. “The Rivals” season was criticised for straying too far from its format and there was dinner table drama more concerned with relationships than cooking.

But while MKR suffered from reality fatigue its value to Seven over the past 11 seasons cannot be underestimated. It made stars of Pete Evans & Manu Feildel, it drove ratings and revenue, it swamped headlines and underpinned numerous other local shows that followed it. More importantly the format was owned by Seven which it sold to multiple territories around the world.

Angus Ross, Network Director of Programming, recently told TV Tonight, it was a game-changing show for Seven.

“It became the biggest show on television. It made major stars of the chefs involved. It became a cultural phenomenon, even becoming known as MKR.”

He added, “The format sold around the world, and the success of that show pushed us to develop House Rules. So in terms of hours in the schedule, what it did for ratings and revenue, I think it was pretty brand-defining during those 10 years.”

Seven’s focus has now shifted to another food original, Plate of Origin with Manu Feildel, Matt Preston and Gary Mehigan.

While MKR is arguably now over, the network will be hoping Plate of Origin can replicate such glories.


    • With respect I have not mentioned any states, so WA was not forgotten. I realise we are all stressed but there is no need to lash out. Last week I asked readers to show extra consideration in comments.

  1. A bit of a sad season. How can it come back? It strayed so far from the original concept. Home cooks in their own kitchens. No one’s kitchen was seen this year. Maybe a huge “Back to Basics” campaign might lure viewers back.

  2. Oh it was still on, I thought it had ended weeks ago as had lost all interest in even following what was happening. What a shame, was must watch and water cooler chatter back when it was firing but went too far down the nasty contestant trail and made that a focus, went from watching the whole episode too a few years later recording it and fast forwarding all the rubbish each episode till the last two seasons not even worrying to do that given it had strayed so far. Was glad to have enjoyed the earlier seasons though.

  3. I’m glad Jake and Elle won i wonder what they will replace it with it’s obvious that’s it’s Not coming back due to the ratings and also there were no casting calls i agree with our comments the final was very cheap as was the whole season it is sad to see what was once one of the highest rating and most popular shows go out with a wimpier like this did

  4. I haven’t watched it in a number of years now, but it is a bit sad to see what was such a powerhouse barely raise a whimper as it (presumably) bows out.

  5. I don’t watch MKR but wasn’t the result a foregone conclusion seeing they have been appearing in ads for Arnotts playing on their MKR roles for the last few weeks.

  6. It well and truly limped to the line.
    A completely anticlimactic finale that just goes to show how far they really did stray from the original format. It lacked any usual intensity and just didn’t feel big enough to me… I mean just to begin, no kitchen HQ was a horribly glaring omission… and just the three judges at the end was also the opposite of epic… I enjoyed when they had all of those other high profile chefs come in for the finale to judge. And even a 4 course meal felt a little cheap compared to the usual 5 course for the finale. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.
    Channel Seven really botched the show in what now was its final season.

      • clem_official

        Would of been nice to have a bigger Grand Finale, it felt very under done and should have had the usual MKR Guest Judges as you say. They should have also announced the winner at Sydney Harbour with fireworks but they were clearly on a very tight budget as the prize was reduced to 100k as well.

        • i’ve found the finale to be anti climatic for a few years now, probably just knowing they are pre filmed endings and not a genuine reaction killed it for me…..

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