Returning: Border Security, Highway Patrol.

With MKR wrapping, factuals are back in play on Seven.

With My Kitchen Rules wrapping up next Tuesday night, factuals are back in play on Seven.

Highway Patrol returns with a new episode 7:30pm tomorrow. It will be followed by a repeat.

A group of tradies go ballistic when they’re caught without seatbelts and with an unsafe load. Then a motorcyclist carries on when his attempt to run from police is horribly unsuccessful.

Updated: Meanwhile Border Security returns with a new episode next Sunday at 8pm.

An American man makes a shocking confession in one of Borders most dramatic busts. A strange package from Russia is found to contain an extremely rare and unusual item.

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  1. Is MKR finishing early because I thought they usually went until after Easter. This would be a great time to bring forward Big Brother as they don’t seem to have anything else. A bit sad for a once dominant network

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