A-team return to five day Sunrise roster

Sunrise presenters David Koch & Sam Armytage are back to a 5 day working week on the Seven show, with Natalie Barr resuming her news role.

Seven News director Craig McPherson confirmed the news to The Daily Telegraph, saying “They are back five days a week.”

Executive Producer Michael Pell, who has spent some of this year on other primetime shows at James Warburton’s request, is also resuming hands-on production.

The move comes as Today has enjoyed some resurgent numbers and city victories, such as Brisbane, but is yet to topple the reigning Sunrise in any week since 2018. On Monday both were just 16,000 metro viewers apart.

David Koch dropped to a 4 day working week back in early 2018.


  1. I don’t like Karl so would never watch him, still think Sunrise is a much better show though, and they are so relaxed together and all seem to get on so well.

  2. We switched to Sunrise when Karl returned to Today. However the obsession with The Royals on Sunrise has almost made us switch off several times. Looking like we’ll be switching to ABC soon.

  3. Yeah when Sam was on monday I thought she isn’t meant to be there. Gee they would be annoyed losing there 1 day a week off.

    Shame though because I think Nat does a great job co hosting.

    • harrypotter1994

      My workplace has an ease into retirement program where staff move down to four days a week.

      I thought Kochie would’ve had this laid out in his latest contract.

  4. Sounds like 7 is concerned about Today’s increasing numbers. I look forward to see if those numbers will tighten up further with the Today show moving into their new premises soon.

  5. Few things alienate Queenslanders faster than Sydney folks ranting about our state, particularly when it’s about something that has broad community support, like our border closure.
    If there’s going to be more Sam Armytage and they want to rebuild their Brissie audience, she could stand to tone it down. I suspect the same principle probably applies to Melbourne audiences in relation to Sydney commentators as well.

      • And that constant backdrop of Martin Place in Sydney is jarring as well. I’m surprised Sunrise has managed to get decent ratings interstate with that on the screen all the time.

        • Bit hard to change the “backdrop” as that is simply where the studio is located.
          Unless they change the windows to green screens and then ‘pipe in’ real time views from interstate.
          Monday – Sydney, Tuesday – Brisbane, Wednesday – Melbourne, Thursday – Adelaide, Friday – Perth, then include Hobart, Canberra, Darwin and other major cities on rotation?

  6. I guess Kochie will be hoping the borders are opened soon so he can be at the AFL Grand Final or will he still have his time off to do his 14 days isolation in Qld?

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