Neil Patrick Harris to judge Australia’s Got Talent

Also on the Seven judging panel are Kate Ritchie, Alesha Dixon & Shane Jacobson.

Seven has secured Neil Patrick Harris as a judge for Australia’s Got Talent.

He will be joined by Seven favourite Kate Ritchie, Alesha Dixon (Britain’s Got Talent) and the sole returning judge, Shane Jacobson.

Ricki-Lee Coulter is back as host for the talent quest produced by Fremantle.

The versatile Harris, who shot to fame as the star of Doogie Howser M.D., has become a bonafide stage and screen star in How I Met Your Mother, A Series of Unfortunate Events, and musicals including Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Cabaret, Company and Rent. He has also hosted the Emmys, Tonysand Academy Awards.

“To say I’m a fan of the AGT franchise is an understatement – I’ve been watching since the very first season,” Harris said.

“I’m a performer who has taken many stages throughout the, well, many stages of my career – be it acting, singing, dancing, hosting, juggling, magic-ing, even breathing fire – and I have developed enormous respect for anyone with the courage to pursue their talents and passions at any level, let alone televised on a national stage.

“Australia has phenomenal talent across so many disciplines, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to join AGT in 2021 to see firsthand what the country’s awesome contestants have to offer.”

Seven’s Director of Network Programming, Angus Ross, said: “This is AGT on a scale like never before – to be the best, you have to beat the best. Alongside the judging panel’s world-class talent, AGT promises to deliver world-class acts, with all the spectacular, surprising and must-see moments Australian families absolutely love.”

Fremantle Australia Director of Unscripted, Jonathon Summerhayes, said: “We’re delighted to welcome this megastar judging panel to AGT.

“This show is a juggernaut that uncovers acts who resonate around the world and we can’t wait to shine a spotlight on some incredible Australian and international talent.”

Filming begins on June 30 in Sydney which would suggest Harris and Dixon are likely to be already in the country, due to 2 weeks quarantine requirements.

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  1. It’s a shame seven haven’t kept Olympia Valance on anything. She would of been a breathe of fresh air.

    However I actually quite like this line up, as random as it may be.

    I think Kate Ritchie will be a good addition. If you listen to her on the national drive show for Nova she brings a lot of personality and humour and plays well off the boys comedy, so I can see her working well with NPH.

  2. Alesha Dixon? I know she’s judged on BGT before for the last few years but she’s nearly unrecognizable here unless you’ve watched BGT and that all-star series of America’s Got Talent.
    Yes, she had success here in Australia, but that was over a decade ago?
    And Shane should be hosting, not Ricki-Lee.

    1. Alesha is well known for the ARIA Top 10 chart hit ‘The Boy Does Nothing’. With a stream of strong radio singles and prominent collaborations since, she is very recognisable by name. Yes, she is more popular in the UK but still relevant and experienced, especially with internet radio and people now streaming UK stations.

      The other times these talent shows were announced, the common criticisms were along the lines of How do they relate to the show?, or Why were they chosen? The biggest criticisms were often that many of the choices didn’t have appropriate talent, which doesn’t look like the case in their casting here.

        1. Exactly. It’s as if by selecting Alesha for the show, they got the correct person for the position for the talent show panel, especially if there is musical talent. This upcoming season has good potential. Not only that, then there’s also the interest from the UK and UK press about Alesha joining the show that has been gathering momentum and would likely follow throughout the season. It could work well for the success of the talent that is appearing throughout the show when there’s also UK press exposure or interest. It should be interesting.

  3. Woah! I was watching clips of the US version only yesterday and I thought to myself “If they had to replace someone, who would make a good judge?” Believe it or not, NPH was who I came up with. He acts, sings, does magic, presents. He is a good get. Alesha, also a good judge. Kate was the most surprising, but more than happy to see how she goes in this role. I think she could end up being a surprise package.

  4. Wow. Wasn’t expecting NPH. I remember seeing him on a show like this before either as a fill in or a host or something but was great. No Manu though 🙌🏻 Alesha should be good. She’s on BGT and i’m sure most Australians are familiar with her if you have watched either BGT or AGT at some stage. I’m not sure about Kate on a judging panel but we will see. Kind of left field but I don’t mind the panel like some here who think its horrible. Plus don’t judge till you see it.

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