Olympics break 2021 ratings record

Tokyo Opening Ceremony outranks Rio & London and delivers a 56% share.

The Olympics Opening Ceremony on Friday night drew the biggest TV audience so far this year.

The event in Tokyo drew 2.12m metro viewers and delivered Seven a massive 56% share -both the biggest figures in 2021.

Adding in regional viewers the event rises to 2.7m and with Live Streaming it hits 2.87m (with Timeshifted still to come).

That also makes it a bigger crowd than Rio in 2016 (1.61m metro), and London in 2012 (1.72m metro) -but those events were not all in primetime. Rio was 9am on a Saturday morning, London was even earlier, at 5:30am on a Saturday.

Beijing offers the best comparison in 2008 at 10pm on a Friday at 3.3m metro.

Lockdowns would have boosted the potential audience but there’s no denying that in 2021 with so much fragmentation and streaming going on, it’s a fantastic start for Seven.

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  1. I am actually surprised how well it rated when it took so long for the competitors to come in. Watched for almost 2 hours and you can tell the commentators were desperately trying to keep up some form of interesting commentary. But it was really boring. In the end we turned it off as it was getting so late.

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