Returning: Selling Houses Australia

Andrew Winter is joined by Wendy Moore and Dennis Scott as flagship Lifestyle series embarks on a new era.

Long-running and fan favourite Selling Houses Australia returns for its 14th season in March, as it embarks on a new era.

Andrew Winter will be joined by new presenters, interior design expert (and Lifestyle channel exec) Wendy Moore and landscape designer Dennis Scott.

“I had planned for a gentle start and to ease my colleagues into the Selling Houses team, gently guiding them through it, instead we were hit with the biggest property boom seen in decades and a pandemic that just wouldn’t go away. Wendy was home schooling between shoots and Dennis and I, being Queenslanders, were marooned away from our families for five months,” said Winter.

“So, the pressure was on, and I have to say the results were better than ever, as it brought the team so much closer together and made us stronger than it would have been under normal circumstances.”

Selling Houses Australia is produced by Warner Bros International Television Productions.

8.30pm Wednesday March 30 on LifeStyle.

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