Returning: Selling Houses Australia

Andrew Winter and the team are back later this month for Season 16.

Season 16 of Selling Houses Australia returns later this month with Host and real estate expert Andrew Winter, interior design expert Wendy Moore and landscape designer Dennis Scott.

Andrew Winter said: “This season it felt like, for every home we turned up at, the home loan interest rates had gone up again, along with everything from building materials to trades and even filling up the car with fuel. Yet we must convince out homeowners to invest in change to get a sale. Not easy. As for results, this is the season for variety and surprises.”

With a record run of interest rate increases, crippling cost of living pressures and skyrocketing property prices, it’s never been more difficult to transform Australia’s unsellable property disasters into must-have homes.

The Selling Houses Australia team are never shy of a challenge, this series they take on a decrepit inner-Melbourne house – neglected for decades, a tiny timber cottage – rundown and bursting at the seams, and a Sydney house they literally need to turn back to front. Plus, not content with just the worst house on any given street, this series they’ve also taken on a beach shack, a country church and even a bus!

Andrew, Wendy, and Dennis not only deliver advice and makeovers that could change these homeowner’s lives, but they also provide a wealth of real estate knowledge, design tips and money-smart style ideas that anyone can achieve in their own homes – whether they’re selling or not.

It’s the same Selling Houses Australia full of fresh ideas and amazing stories, but this year, the odds have never been stacked higher.

Selling Houses Australia is produced by Warner Bros. International Television Production Australia exclusively for Foxtel. Format devised by Ricochet and based upon a program originally produced by Ricochet for Channel 4. Format licensed by Warner Bros. International Television Production Limited.

Wednesdays at 8.30pm from 20 March on LifeStyle.

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