Screen Forever 2022: ABC confirms Season 2 of The Newsreader

"It's 1987 and there are some big world events we'll be covering," says ABC drama boss Sally Riley.

ABC has finally confirmed a second season of The Newsreader is in the pipeline.

Speaking at the Screen Forever conference today, ABC Head of Drama, Entertainment and Indigenous Sally Riley, told delegates, “We’re still in the 80s, but a couple of years later.

“(It’s 1987) and there are some big world events we’ll be covering.”

“(Writer) Michael Lucas spent hours and hours in ABC archives, digging around for materials he could use. I think there are some really nice surprises in Series Two of particular standout interviews in Australia… it’s going to be fun!”

Actor Sam Reid, who is also set to star internationally as Lestat in Interview with the Vampire, is understood to be returning to The Newsreader.

“I’m just thrilled because as soon as you get someone on these shows, you know you’re going to lose them,” she continued. “It’s really hard to get options for people on first series … you just can’t get options anymore. So yeah, I’m really thrilled.”


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