7:30, Paying Attention score, but Big Brother down in overnights.

HYBPA? leads entertainment & the demos. Nine snatches a Monday win from Seven.

Have You Been Paying Attention? has again emerged atop the entertainment heap on Monday, with 658,000 metro viewers and leading the demos.

Earlier 7:30 was 665,000 with MasterChef Australia on a season high at 555,000, then Australian Story (532,000), Celebrity Apprentice (400,000) and Big Brother too low at 294,000 -but performing in BVOD.

Elsewhere Media Watch (423,000), Four Corners (415,000), Million Dollar Murders (230,000), 9-1-1 (155,000 / 130,000) and 24 Hours in Emergency (144,000).

Nine network won Monday, just, with 25.7% then Seven 25.4%, 10 22.6%, ABC 18.3% and SBS 8.0%.

Nine News (967,000 / 935,000) led for Nine. A Current Affair was 682,000 then Hot Seat (515,000 / 301,000).

Seven News was #1 at 1.07m / 1.01m for Seven. The Chase was 624,000 / 367,000 then Home & Away (478,000)

The Project drew 406,000 / 270,000 for 10. 10 News First was 357,000 / 237,000 then FBI: Most Wanted (230,000 / 136,000).

ABC News won its slot at 701,000 for ABC. The Drum (210,000) and India Now (201,000) followed.

On SBS it was SBS World News (162,000 / 144,000) then Saving Lives at Sea (115,000), Mastermind (81,000) and Ten Mistakes (73,000).

Doc Martin led multichannels at 162,000.

Sunrise: 236,000
News Breakfast: 121,000 / 70,000
Today: 188,000

In Total TV numbers last Monday were:

9-1-1: 477,000
Big Brother: 778,000
Celebrity Apprentice: 677,000
HYBPA?: 1.11m
Media Watch: 879,000

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 30 May 2022

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  1. I stopped watching BB as of the week before last. I mostly wanted to see the original housemates & seen enough, good to see Reggie & Dave etc. But i just cannot devote so many hours to reality tv, especially since i already watched the 2021 & parts of VIP which already took up too much of my time.

    I def agree with what others have said, the lack of live voting component would surely effect ratings, its just not the same. I think if they started doing that it would lift ratings for sure, On the other hand how many people under 30 are bothering to watch reality tv? more into video games & Youtube i think?

    1. Same with me, stopped a week or two ago, just so long the episodes and around 45-60 minutes is a challenge and eviction, we want to see the housemates living together not some superchallenge and drawn out eviction like Survivor lite. Agree too the live element is sorely missing, seems so polished or edited down, can tell in parts they’ve added extra big brother voiceovers later etc which is fair enough but looks strange when it’s noticeable and doesn’t seem natural.

      1. The fact it was recorded last year really doesn’t help things. It is edited within an inch of it’s life, whereas some of the best moments in the original Big Brother were live.

  2. Paul Barry mentioned in Media Watch he is away for a few weeks with Janine Perrett stepping in again to host. What’s that line about never taking a break in television?

    Hopefully it’s a sign of things to come.

    1. As a true crime fan i’m intrigued enough to watch but am finding it very slow going. It’s not as bad as the Ron Iddles show on 7 last year using the overdone slowmo flashback scenes though.

      I don’t think Deb Wallace has quite found her feet as a presenter yet but hopefully will improve with time.

  3. Big Brother viewers are abandoning it. Seven will need to consider renewal or maybe it could be a 7plus only show if viable.

    Million Dollar Murders is another flop.

    1. I think BB already has another season film. Or I read something wrong somewhere.

      The problem is the very narrow format of being pre-recorded. The joy of BB was the human experiment aspect. Not little clips of people around a task that favours upper body strength.

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