Returning: The Cook Up with Adam Liaw

"The Cook Up was created to provide Aussies with real and achievable home cooked food that also reflects the melting pots of cultures that our country has."

The Cook Up with Adam Liaw returns to SBS Food for a fourth season in February.

Guests this season include Hetty McKinnon, Elizabeth Chong, O Tama Carey, Gabriel Gaté, Ben Shewry, Julia Busuttil Nishimura, and Colin Fassnidge as well as faces from the world of sports, entertainment and social media such as Paralympic medalist Col Pearse, Zan Rowe, Harley Breen, Collette Dinnigan, Peking Duk’s Reuben Styles, Joel The Butcher and Vincent Lim aka Dim Sim Lim.

Adam Liaw, says: “The continued love and support for The Cook Up and everything that it stands for is something I am truly grateful for every day. We’ve had some truly exceptional guests, stories and food on the show over 400 episodes and I’m incredibly excited to be back for what will be another brilliant season. At its core, The Cook Up was created to provide Aussies with real and achievable home cooked food that also reflects the melting pots of cultures that our country has. For season four, we’ll have even more chefs and inspired home cooks via comedians, authors, journalists, singers, actors, sports personalities, and everything in between. There will be plenty of fresh new themes as well including underrated ingredients, favourite TV dinners and the perfect dishes for alfresco at home.”

Emily Griggs, SBS Head of Food, says: “Watching The Cook Up is like preparing dinner with friends, there’s some laughs and always something new to learn. To be able to celebrate different cultures through cooking is truly something special. We’re thrilled to be announcing the fourth season and know that there’s plenty of recipes to love and try at home.”

The new season of The Cook Up with Adam Liaw brings a fabulous friendly half hour of food and entertainment into your home every weeknight. Each night Adam is joined by two guests in the kitchen to create delicious food based around a different theme.

Adam also cooks alongside some of the finest upcoming and established chefs whilst having fascinating discussions with the most interesting journalists and personalities from all around the country. Of course, just like any good dinner host should – Adam has welcomed some friends back to carry on the cooking and conversation such as Danielle Alvarez, Myf Warhurst, Rosheen Kaul and Craig Quartermaine.

Popular segment Ask Adam is back, where Adam answers burning viewer questions, and Managing Editor of SBS Food, Farah Celjo, joins the show to give some helpful tips and share fabulous recipes from the SBS Food website.

An internal SBS production, The Cook Up season four will be available to stream on SBS On Demand with subtitling available in both Arabic and Simplified Chinese afterwards.

7pm weeknights on SBS Food from Monday February 20.

4 Responses

  1. This is such an underrated show. The food they cook may be simple at times, but the storytelling by Adam Liaw and what he gets out of his guests is superb.

  2. I love this series 👌……I love the newer kitchen better than the first one…
    The food is not demanding or over the top….I dont think anyone could not do the meals….

  3. Don’t mind cooking shows but just once I would love to see a cook/chef admit that the dish they cooked was stuffed, bad, really bad and didn’t go to plan rather than praise how good “they” think their own cooking is. We need a comedy version of “bad” cook/chef if only to make us bad cooks feel better.

    1. I think they all go to acting classes to perfect the art of looking absolutely delighted whenever they taste the food.

      That said, I do like this show. I think Adam is a good simple cook and is engaging enough to also get a bit of a story from his guests which makes it more appealing.

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