The Cook Up With Adam Liaw: March 6 – 10

Guests: Pia Miranda, Collette Dinnigan, Harley Breen.

Guests this week on The Cook Up With Adam Liaw are Pia Miranda, Collette Dinnigan, Harley Breen, Col Pearse and
Dani Valent.

This new season, Adam Liaw brings a fabulous friendly half hour of food and entertainment. Each night Adam is joined by two guests in the kitchen to create delicious food based around a different theme. Naturally, where there’s food, chat follows!

Episode Eleven: Monday It’s dessert time with classically-trained chef Warren Mendes and award-winning actor Pia Miranda joining Adam to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Episode Twelve: Tuesday Acclaimed designer Collette Dinnigan and talented young chef Hugh Allen join Adam to show you their fast and flavourful dishes.

Episode Thirteen: Wednesday Adam, Commonwealth Games gold medallist Col Pearse, and award-winning butcher Joel Young are hitting their six ingredient dinners for six.

Episode Fourteen: Thursday Funny man Harley Breen and TikTok wonder-chef Vincent Yeow Lim join Adam to step up to the hot plates.

Episode Fifteen: Friday There are no grey areas tonight as Adam, writer Dani Valent and Cafe Sunshine and Salamatea’s Hamed Allahyari cook with colour.

7pm weeknights on SBS Food.

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