Last King of the Cross launch

Stars and execs stepped out at Maali's in King's Cross for the launch of a major new Paramount drama.

Big drama launches are almost something of a rarity these days but last night Paramount+ splashed out for Last King of the Cross, its 10 part local drama series to date.

Inspired by John Ibrahim’s autobiography of the same name, it brings to life an infamous chapter of King’s Cross, as a backdrop for a tale of two brothers.

Kyle Sandilands was MC at the event held across multiple levels of Maali, draped in red with motorbikes, DJ, Pinocchio’s pizza, pole dancing, a bordello and a fake bomb scare for guests.

In attendance were star Lincoln Younes, with Claude Jabbour, Matt Nable, Damian Walshe-Howling, Tess Haubrich and rising star Malek Alkoni.

In addition to Paramount execs Maria Kyriacou, Beverley McGarvey, Jarrod VIllani, Dan Monaghan and Rick Maier were executive producer Mark Fennessy, series producer Karl Zwicky and guests including Beau Ryan, Kerri-Anne Kennerley, Scott Tweedie, Angle Bishop, Matt Agnew, Doris Younane, Osher Gunsberg, Hamish Macdonald, Darren McMullen, Tristan MacManus and more.

“We commissioned this show two years ago, so we’ve been waiting for it for a long time. Lots of things happened, Covid happened, but tonight it’s finally here, we’re really excited,” said McGarvey.

“It’s really authentic and interesting and the production values are incredible. Mark Fennessy and the team at Helium have done a great job.”

Speaking about the casting of Lincoln Younes, John Ibrahim said, “We actually met at my house for dinner, had a few conversations, went through some photo albums. We spoke about his work ethic and how he’d approach it.

“I’m so glad about my choice. When I saw him and Claude on screen together, it was breakthtaking.”

In addition to being a producer on the series, Ibrahim also offered some directorial advice when shoots were delayed by rain.

“I was nudging the director saying ‘When do the sexy parts come?'”

Lincoln Younes said the pressure of taking on the role, was overshadowed by the story itself.

“You want to do it justice, especially when it’s something like the Cross which doesn’t have the vibe and dynamic that it used to. You want to bring that to people who didn’t get to experience it. So I was probably more excited than pressured and John was a great help with telling me how it was at the time and making sure it was authentic,” he said.

Last King of the Cross two episodes today Friday February 17 on Paramount+.