Mr Bates vs the Post Office draws crowd for Seven

MAFS tops entertainment, Seven News and ACA win Wednesday slots.

A high profile British drama kept Seven viewers glued to their screens last night but it was Reality shows that still topped entertainment.

Married at First Sight was again best in show at 1.37m in National TV Audience.

That outranked Australian Idol (849,000), Hard Quiz (692,000), 7:30 (645,000), Ambulance Australia (290,000) and Scottish Islands with Ben Fogle (170,000).

Later Mr Bates vs the Post Office averaged 689,000 / 628,000 which is very strong retention then The Weekly with Charlie Pickering (607,000), Under Investigation (496,000) and This is Going to Hurt (275,000).

Nine News averaged 1.03m then A Current Affair (970,000) and Tipping Point (542,000).

Seven News won with 1.25m  for Seven then Home & Away (760,000) and The Chase (586,000).

ABC News was 810,000 for ABC with Planet America on 214,000.

10 News First was 306,000 then The Project (287,000), Deal or No Deal (260,000) and FBI: International (159,000 / 134,000).

SBS World News (177,000 / 122,000) then The Matchmakers (121,000) and Kin just 28,000.

Sunrise: 399,000
Today: 302,000
News Breakfast: 253,000

National Total TV: Wednesday 14 February 2024

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  1. I enjoyed both eps of Mr Bates but this new system of recording eyeballs spits out some amazing results. In the old system a UK drama run at double episodes and starting after 9pm would at best get around 300k and 200k again at best for the second ep. Now we record 689k and 628k which seems an amazing increase even with some hype for the series. How many other dramas have been significantly understated with the old system of measurement

    1. Bear in mind it includes Regional and BVOD. It will go higher still with catch up given Dramas always do. Total Control didn’t do as well, coming off the back of a slightly lower lead in, but that ep may have been on iview already.

    2. But that’s exactly the issue. At the peak of ratings, a drama like this would’ve done 1m – 1.5m metro and the rest. Add regional, close to or well over 2m. The 600k-odd reported is Total including streaming (which does not at all make up for the current environment shortfall), so we’re still miles off…

      1. Around 1/3 of people live outside 5MC so the National figures will be 33% higher, but represent the same proportion of the population watching the show. BVOD ads veiwers, but not as many as timeshifting did when people have DVRs. Less people are going to be watching TV, because of the internet. Just like TV reduced the number of people listening to Radio in the evenings.

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