Under Investigation: Feb 28

Liz Hayes and expert panel travel to Ballarat to retrace the steps Samantha Murphy undertook on her early morning run.

In a special edition of Under Investigation this week Liz Hayes and a team of experts travel to Ballarat to delve into the mysterious disappearance of 51-year-old Samantha Murphy.

The team, which includes veteran missing persons specialist Valentine Smith, former Victorian detective Damian Marrett and mineshaft explorer Raymond Shaw, will examine bush trails and retrace Samantha Murphy’s steps when she set out from her home on her early morning run on February 4.

The team will also hear from Sissy Austin, who survived a brutal attack while also jogging in the bushland a year before Samantha Murphy’s disappearance. Her exclusive presence at the Under Investigation War Table offers the team invaluable insights and local knowledge.

Under Investigation will also analyse the critical evidence that may ultimately solve this mystery. Technology specialist Nigel Phair will follow Samantha’s digital footsteps and the vital data collected from the phone she was carrying and the watch she was wearing – extraordinary digital clues to her last movements.

Wednesday at 9.00pm on Nine.